What Is Long Term Storage?



Long term storage is something that a lot of people use, rather than renting their unit for a short period of time. It’s something that can happen by accident, but most of the time it is intentional, and done so that there is a safe, secure space that can be utilised for various reasons. 

Are you interested in utilising a long term self storage unit? It could be the right option for your domestic needs, or your business needs – there are lots of different ways people use this kind of storage option. Let’s take a closer look at long term storage, what it is, how it is used and what to look for in long term storage: 

What Is Long Term Storage? 

Long term storage is where a person hires out a self storage unit for the purpose of long-term storage. Some people might have their self storage for a while and have used it for extra house storage, seasonal storage and other short term reasons and it ends up being a long term arrangement. This is not the same as long term storage. Long term storage is where you hire a unit for the purpose of leaving things for a long time. You essentially leave the belongings in the unit, and then return to them a period of time after – weeks, months, years – everybody is different. 

Long Term Storage Uses

Lots of people look up self storage prices for long term arrangements, for both domestic and business uses. It is different for everyone as to how it could help them, but some of the most common ways long term self storage is useful are:

 – Paperwork archiving/ sensitive document storage
 – Estate dispute storage
 – Items stored when a person goes into care
 – Items stored for a future child
 – Storing items purchased for investment
 – Storage for your things as you go on a gap year
 – Storage for your things as you slow travel and work
 – Storage for trial living in a tiny home
 – Staying with a parent as you save for a house deposit (and you need to store your things so you don’t take up lots of space in their home)

The idea is that the storage is going to be for a long time, and you won’t be visiting the items. You can, visit them of course, but when long term arrangements are made, it tends to be in the mindset that those items will be left for a long time, and feeling comfortable with the place you leave those items for that time. 

What To Look For In Long Term Storage

When you are looking for long term storage prices and details your needs might be different than when you are considering short term storage. Firstly, let’s consider the things you should look for in any kind of self storage: 

 – Great security
 – Well-maintained
 – Friendly staff
 – Flexible and competitive rates
 – Great contract terms 

With short term storage you may well want somewhere that isn’t very far away from your home or workplace. You may well want somewhere with a 24/7 reception and 24/7 access. Some business owners using local self storage can want a unit that comes with extra business options like deliveries being taken, or pick up and drop off services. 

When it comes to long term storage, what you are looking for is a place where you feel safe leaving your things for a long time. You want to be able to leave it there and feel good about it being safe. Ideally, you will return to it in exactly the same condition you left it. When looking for long term self storage you should look for:

 – A trusted business that is well established 
 – Flood prevention 
 – Climate control so the items are kept in great condition free from the impact of extreme temperature changes
 – Storage that allows you to fill the unit in a way that makes you feel secure that items won’t fall down or degrade over time
 – A facility that is well kept without damp or issues that could cause huge damage to your things over time
 – Excellent security that is regularly upgraded

Ideally, you will be able to speak to the self storage facility owners about long term storage and why the facility is able to help you with those specific needs. 

Extra Long Term Storage Considerations 

As well as the above, there are some extra considerations to make when you are considering long term self storage, including: 

You have to pack for the unit as though you won’t be back for a long time. Dirt and debris, moisture and excess pressure can cause such a huge amount of damage to items left in a self storage unit. So, the way you pack the items individually, and then stack them, all make a huge difference as to the condition that they will be in when you return. 

Security is always important with any self storage facility, but your facility needs to be secure enough for you to feel totally happy about leaving your things behind. You won’t be popping back to check, so you need to be completely comfortable that the unit is going to be safe for the foreseeable future. 

The contract needs to be clear and concise and provide you with information on what happens if any circumstances change. For example, what happens if the facility closes down, how much notice will you have? What happens if there is a break-in whilst you are away? The contract needs to be really clear and transparent as to what your rights are, and where the facility stands with communication and protecting your things long-term. 

Ease Of Access
Is somebody going to be accessing the unit whilst you are away? Maybe it needs to be closer to them, rather than your current accommodation. It is worth thinking about, so that you don’t end up stuck if access has to be granted to your stuff when you’re away. 

If you need long term self storage it is worth speaking to your local self storage company today. They can talk to you about what is available, and how you can make the most of this helpful service. It’s the perfect way to affordably keep your things safe until later down the line when you want to retrieve them again.

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