What Colors Should You Paint Each Room in Your Home?


When you get a new home, or you are just ready to change up your home after living in it for a few years, repainting your walls might be one of the first things on your mind. Naturally, you will need to paint your walls before you remodel or change up any furniture as the paint needs time to dry. But what colors should you be painting each room? Here are some ideas.

For Your Bedroom: Blue

Blue is a very calming color and can help your mind relax at the end of the day. When you want to get the best rest, you want your bedroom to have a very neutral tone blue painted onto the walls so that your mind has something easy to look at at night, and waking up in the morning.

There are plenty of colors you can choose, and many more shades of blue that you can consider, but blue is the main color that is recommended painting in your bedroom if you want to find yourself with the best rest you have ever had.

For Your Kitchen: White

White is a great color to paint your kitchen, despite how plain it may seem at first. The reason you should choose to paint your kitchen white is that no matter what color appliances you may have, they will match the white of the walls. The kitchen is supposed to be a lively place where it is bright and happy. The white will symbolize that. The white works with your brown kitchen cabinets, black stovetop, white refrigerator, and whatever else you may have in there. And you can decorate the walls with pretty art and decorations without clashing colors.

For Your Living Room: Grey

Grey is a very calming and relaxing color, much like blue. This is the perfect color to paint your living room because it is still a bright color that can bring in light and happiness, but it is also very calming and not distracting when you are trying to settle down at the end of the day. It is also very easy to match things that you would find in a living room. The couch, TV stand, and bookshelves will blend in perfectly with a nice grey.

For Your Office or Study: Brown

Brown is the color that people often choose when they want something that feels professional and helps them focus. If this is something that you want out of your office space, you need to paint the room brown. Don’t worry much about how well it will match with the things that you have in your office as there are many different shades of brown that you can choose in order to get the focused feeling that you are looking for.

For Your Entertainment Room: Maroon

Since an entertainment room is usually used for movies, you want to channel the movie theater feeling. To channel that feeling properly, you need to have the right curtains, the right seating, and you need to have walls that are painted in a nice maroon shade of red. This shade will darken the room when it needs to be dark, and it will also bring a nice energy to the room when you are playing games and having fun.

For Your Bathroom: Yellow

A bathroom is a complicated room to paint. A lot of people aren’t even sure if they should paint their bathrooms. Decorators have said that painting your bathroom yellow is the best way to go about things. It needs to be a very pastel yellow, something that is bright. There isn’t a solid reason as to why this is such a good color for your bathroom, but it is something that a lot of people who have painted their bathrooms went with.

There you go, the top colors that you should paint in each room. This is, of course, a decision that is ultimately your choice. If there is a color in this guide that you don’t like and wish to exchange, you can freely do so. Experiment with different color samples until you find what you like the most. Your home needs your personal touch, so add in any color you want.

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