What are Ridgid Sump Pumps and How to Get High Capacity Sump Pump?

Have you been wondering to know everything related to ridgid (Rigid) sump pumps? To share a brief about these pumps, these experts share the entire structure and latest technology to help prevent flooding in the basement of your house. From regular check-up text messages to emergency contact home owners receive regular updates by ridged sump pump experts.

If you have to compare between ridgid sump pumps and other manufacturers, then you must be aware of few valid points on which it is compared. Below are some of the pointers that are unique about Rigid sump pumps:

1. Wayne Systems are the only manufacturers for rigid submersible sump pumps.

2. Generally, Rigid models come in two different float switch types. To names these, you have the tether float and the vertical float.

3. In order to provide extra durability on the product, the manufacturers of rigid offer you cast iron housing.

4. Talking about the horsepower, rigid comes in three variants; one-half hp, one-third hp, and one-fourth hp.

Top features of Ridgid sump pumps to know before you buy:

Type of float switch:

To give extra protection rigid sump pumps come with a vertical float. These are arm protection and 360 degree float switch. In a 360 degree vertical float, the frame is made of stainless steel and the pump is well protected.

Types of housing material:

Rigid submersible sump pumps are usually made of three different types of housing material. Thermoplastic, cast iron, and stainless steel are the three types of housing materials available in these.

Type of horse power:

Check out the variants related to the respective horse power. For instance, One fourth horse power includes #47273. One third horse power pumps consist of units like RS33, RE33, and RS33. One half horse power ridgid sump pumps include RE50, RS50, RS50AT, and the last which is one horse power consists of SSP-1000.

Other than the above, all the rigid sump pumps consist of one or one-half inch discharge port. Pit diameter size of the sump pump in rigid is usually eleven inches.

How to get high capacity sump pump?

As per the online reviews and feedback received on various models, rigid and Zoeller is considered to be the best high capacity sump pumps. If you think your sump pump is old, you must arrange for a high capacity replacement.

Before you choose a high capacity sump pump, you must also be aware how to choose these. For instance, the main category of a sump pump that runs in basement is either automatic or manual. Generally, a standard sump pump must also have a capacity to move up to 40 gallons of water. This is one of the essential things to look at while buying a sump pump for your basement.

Check out the other reviews and feedback on the rigid sump pumps and find the most suitable one for your home needs. You may also contact your nearest manufacturer for your queries and concerns related to the features of the respective model.

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