What Are Limestone Tiles, and Why Should You Try Them in Your Home?


Tiles can have a lasting impact on any interior design, and they have always been a popular element to add to a home, whether that’s on the floor, on the walls, or even outside in the backyard. Tiles come in so many styles, colours, and patterns that you can enjoy them no matter your home’s overall theme.

When you’re choosing the type of tile you might want in your home, don’t forget to consider limestone. This is a popular choice for a number of different reasons, which we’ll look at in the rest of this blog.


What Are Limestone Tiles?

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock, and limestone tiles are, as you might guess, made from that rock. This means they are entirely natural, and, to help you with your interior design, they are all unique. This offers a more rustic, organic look, and although it won’t be what everyone wants (if you are looking for something smooth and uniform, porcelain tiles might be a better option), limestone tiles really can make any home look stunning. Here are some of the reasons why you should try them in your home.


Great Durability

When you are designing your home’s interior, you’ll want to find something that is going to stand the test of time and not get ruined by lots of foot traffic or even sunlight or spills. Limestone is a highly durable material that will last for many years..

You can use limestone in hallways and other high traffic areas, and it will always look beautiful as long as you clean it with stone friendly flooring cleaner. Unlike carpeting or laminate, for example, which can show signs of wear and tear very quickly, limestone will always look great without any flaking, chipping, or cracking to worry about.



A lot of people want to make their homes more eco-friendly. They do this by adding more insulation, using LED light bulbs, installing more energy efficient appliances, and adding solar panels to their roofs, among a variety of other things.

People also want anything they bring into their homes to be eco-friendly, and limestone tiles are a great choice. Limestone tiles are made from natural rock, as mentioned above. This means no chemicals are added to the process and, apart from shaping the tiles, little energy is used to create them. Limestone tiles are an environmentally friendly option for any home.


Add Value

If you buy a properly, you’ll want to add value to it. This is particularly important if you choose to sell it, but even if you intend to live in it forever, adding value is a positive thing, especially if you have family or friends you want to leave the property to. Even without this thought, when you add value, it means you’re taking care of your home, making it more comfortable for you and any guests you might have.

Property specialists have said that limestone can help raise your home’s value. There are other things you’ll need to do, and simply installing limestone tiles won’t be enough on its own, but using limestone as part of your interior design produces an attractive, durable, and elegant look that, combined with the rest of your home, will improve its value to buyers.


Feels Good

It’s all very well having a beautiful tiled floor in your home, but if it doesn’t feel good to walk on, you won’t enjoy it. Some types of tiles are too rough, and they can even hurt your feet. Limestone isn’t like that.

Limestone is smoother than many other types of tile, which might be surprising because of its durability. As it’s softer, it feels good to walk on, so not only will your home look good, but you’ll also be more comfortable in it.



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