Unusual Decoration Ideas for Your Date



Regular dates are great; two of you meet for a pub, maybe movies, a walk, or something common like that. But every once in a while, you have to let yourself loose and arrange a somehow unusual date when you first meet a person from a niche British dating website, for example. The safest way to do that is to decorate your home in the style of something you like. We’re bringing you 4 ideas for those unusual date decorations.


Date Set in the “The Addams Family” Style


“The Addams Family” is everybody’s favorite spooky family (except our own). You can find many items for Addams-style decoration online, but you can go with what you have at home. Take out some of your Halloween decorations, dress as Morticia, light a lot of candles for the atmosphere and get a sign “Beware of the Thing.”


To dress like Morticia, you don’t need to buy a lot of clothes. Put on some pale face powder, hop into your tight black dress, and welcome your Gomez with a cold smile. Since he’s your Gomez, that mysterious smile will boil his blood. There are The Addams Family manikins for those who want to leave a strong impression. Just imagine a date observed by Lurch. Fun and spooky at the same time, right?


BDSM-style Date Decorations


“The Addams Family” is great, but they are fictional characters; if you want to have a date in an unusually decorated space inspired by something real, playing to your kinky fetishes might be the right choice. Thankfully, there are plenty of reviews for platforms providing fetish dating in the UK, so you may contact members for ideas or invite them to an unusual date of your own!


If you’ve watched “50 shades of Gray” (and most British ladies did, and men were tagged along) you know what kinky means – in most cases, it’s BDSM. You don’t have to turn your home into a BDSM dungeon for an interesting fetish date, though. Just a couple of whips, some handcuffs, blindfolds, and ropes will do the trick, especially if you dress accordingly. If you don’t have anything from that list, get a BDSM kit for newbies; who knows, you may use it in the future. 


How About a Bit of Retro?


After a couple of dark decoration ideas for a date, we’ll continue with something much more colourful. You can have a wonderful date if you go back in time. To be more precise, you have to go back to the ’50s, ’60s, or ’70s. When you hear the term retro decoration, it refers to the decoration from those decades. If you’re too young to remember it, you’ve surely seen it in the movies and cartoons – older cop shows, BBC dramas, something related to first incarnations of Dr. Who and James Bond – culture in the UK is rich enough for you to pick out a perfect idea.


The good thing about a retro-decorated date is – you can’t go too far with it. Pull out all of your colourful furniture or use some blankets to cover the furniture that’s already there. Don’t be afraid to mix seemingly unmatchable colours, and don’t leave an inch of your home as it is now. The whole space must seem like a movie scene from the past.


Set Your Date in Middle-Earth


We’ll finish with the idea for an ideal date decoration if you’re a LOTR fan. Americans may think that all people in the UK live like that, this may be absurd, but for British fans of the Lord of the Ring it may be a perfect date idea. Imagine having a date in Shire, Rivendell, or any of those beautiful places Tolkien described. It won’t be easy to copy Elven or Hobbit decoration, but you don’t have to do the exact copy. If you decide to go for a Shire style of decoration, get some green plants and wooden furniture. There are numerous YouTube videos with Middle-earth music that’s crucial for the atmosphere. Dress as close to your favorite character and ask your date to do the same. Imagine how much fun would Sméagol and Smaug, for example, have on a date.


Now you have 4 fresh ideas for date decoration. That’s at least several unusual dates you can have (and combining them, like LOTR with BDSM) may result in a very interesting dating setting), but we’re sure your creative juices are running like crazy now, so you’ll get a lot more ideas on your own.

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