Top Design Trends Promising to Take 2022 by Storm


While 2022 is still more than a month away, the interior design trends of the New Year are already making waves among designers and homeowners alike. During the year we will see a few old trends undergo a makeover before returning and will also enjoy a wonderful blast from the past thanks to a newfound interest in the decorative style of our favorite eras. Regardless of which of the following interior design trends you embrace, you will be able to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. 

The 70s are Back with a Bang

One of the most celebrated decades in history, the 70s, is set to make a huge comeback next year.Paint and furnishings in moss green, burnt orange, and a range of browns and off-whites are expected to trend right alongsidegeometricprints,bamboo and wicker furniture, and corduroy upholstery.With 70s décor coming back with a bang you will also be able to finally get your favorite American Graffiti or Jaws posters framed and hung on your walls without judgment from the rest of the family. Just ensure you pick frames that not only fit in with the rest of your décor but will also keep your art in top condition.

Single-Use Spaces are History

Although multifunctional spaces have been popular for a few years, 2022 is predicted to be the year we bid a final farewell to most single-use rooms. Every room in the house presents a range of multi-function possibilities. Even small rooms that, seemingly, do not have much potential can be given new purpose thanks to the transformation of vertical spaces using ladders, shelves, and platforms. Separate kitchens, dining-, and living rooms have not been considered trendy for years. Instead, walls are being removed to create an area where cooking, dining, and casual interaction can all take place in a single space. Similarly, a home office can be incorporated into a bedroom or dining area while many bedrooms will also sport en-suite bathrooms without the separating walls

Minimalism Gets a Makeover

Minimalism is touted to be another red-hot interior design trend preparing to take the world by storm next year.  Minimalistic décor in 2022 is going to be about more than just decluttering though, mainly because so many people have done a fair share of that while in lockdown over the past 20 months.  Soft palettes featuring shades of beige and grey will trump bold black and sterile whites.  Bare walls will be discarded in favor of singular accent walls that are either painted/wallpapered in a contrasting color or adorned with a singular decorative element.  Less will also be more as far as furniture is concerned. Oversized dining room tables, dust-gathering chairs, and massive lounge suites will all make way for more compact options. 

Next year is promising to be very exciting as far as design trends are concerned. Although only time will tell which of these trends have staying power, incorporating them into your interior design will undoubtedly make for beautiful living spaces.

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