Top 7 Kitchen Products and Remodeling Options for 2022




Making your kitchen feel new, efficient and feature-packed is a dream for all dedicated home chefs. Thankfully, 2022 has shown us that there are tons of amazing new ways to revolutionize the look and feel of your kitchen. Investments big and small can make your cooking sessions feel reinvigorated, so no matter what budget you’re on, there’s something on this list that should appeal to you. If you’re searching for a new spice in your kitchen space, here are the top seven kitchen products and remodeling options available to you in 2022: 

1. Kitchen Island 

Kitchen islands have become one of the most commonly sought-after home renovation products for trendy, in-the-know homeowners in 2022. Mixing storage, prep capabilities, and beauty in one place, the kitchen island is designed to reinvigorate your kitchen space. There are many amazing benefits to kitchen islands, and they will ensure you’ve got plenty of room to host your friends and family during the upcoming summer season. The customizable nature of kitchen islands is important to note as well, so you can make them work for your home’s specific aesthetic needs with ease. 

2. Air Fryers 

Air fryers have taken the functions of many classic cooking appliances and combined them into one nifty new device. You can essentially bake, fry, and microwave food, and do it in a way that does not require grease and other unhealthy materials. Air fryers are also incredibly affordable and customizable, making them that much more attractive for frequent cooks looking for a new way to prepare their favorite meals. Whether you enjoy a quick fix for dinner or want to slow cook some delicious meats, an air fryer has you covered. 

3. Mini Pizza Ovens 

The idea of cooking a pizza in a brick oven or pizza oven is a dream of many home chefs. However, both of these options tend to be incredibly expensive to purchase and maintain. Thankfully, there’s a new solution to fulfill wary consumers’ dreams: the mini pizza oven. Mini pizza ovens take all the functions of the more expensive alternatives and allow you to gain pizza-specific appliance power for a single pizza at a time. Especially if you’re not needing to cook many pizzas at once, you’ll love the mini pizza oven. 

4. Induction Stovetop 

While one of the more expensive investments on this list, the induction stovetop is also the most revolutionary item we’re covering. These stovetops are bound to replace gas and electric stovetops in the next decade, so getting ahead of the herd is highly recommended. Induction cooking is more accurate, more customizable, faster, and much more energy-efficient. The sheer amount of capabilities the induction stovetop has that traditional stovetops do not is hard to overstate, so if you want to unlock your full home chef capabilities, you should heavily consider investing in an induction stovetop. If you’re looking for a new home to invest in, searching for one with a brand-new induction stovetop is highly recommended. 

5. Trendy Kitchen Fans 

Nothing is worse than finding your kitchen filled with steam or smoke mid-cooking session. The best way to prevent this is by having a kitchen fan that can powerfully blow away built-up smoke and steam. If you want to keep your kitchen super comfortable between sessions, a beautiful, function-filled, and trendy kitchen fan has got you covered. There’s a fantastic variety in the selections available, and you could even choose to make your kitchen look like a professional, industrial kitchen if that’s up your alley. 

6. Appliance Island 

Have you found yourself frequently tied up by multiple cords from appliances littering your kitchen space? Maybe you’ve found it frustrating to store your appliances, and have to use up way too much space to do so in your kitchen. If so, the appliance island is here to save your kitchen. These allow you to store all your appliances in one convenient location and are designed to keep all your power cords in one space as well. You can combine the appliance island with a kitchen island to maximize the style, functionality, and storage efficiency of your kitchen space. 

7. Nugget Ice Makers

Do you love nugget ice? If you enjoy getting fountain drinks while you’re out and about, you likely realize how much better nugget ice is better than the traditional hunk ice. If you want to bring that magical ice to your home, buying a nugget ice maker is a cheap, fun, and easy-to-use way to do just that. The cheapest investment on this list is also one that you’ll use almost every single day if you’re a nugget-head, so any fan of non-traditional ice needs to invest in a quality nugget ice maker. 

Revolutionize Your Kitchen 

Kitchens have always benefited from creative minds. Whether we’re talking about the space itself, or the food cooked there, a quality kitchen thrives off of a creative mind. With these seven products, you’ll make your kitchen feel more complex, efficient, and capable than you’ve ever dreamt of. Whether you’re looking for a cheap upgrade or something a bit more of an investment, this list has you covered.

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