Top 7 Home Improvement Ideas For Active Retirees



If you’re already past retirement age or getting close to the magic number, there are some excellent home improvement ideas that can transform your living space without breaking the bank. As is the case with so many home-related upgrades and add-ons, most projects have the potential to boost the potential value or sales price of a home. For those who never plan to sell, features like craft rooms, lifts, and greenhouses go a long way toward making any living space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Other worthwhile ideas for anyone over the age of 50 include backyard game areas, above-ground pools for ultimate warm weather relaxation, an extra layer of insulation all around to achieve a high degree of energy efficiency, and an exterior makeover for a better appearance. Consider the following points before you head to the local hardware store for basic supplies and tools.

Art & Craft Rooms
Those who have any amount of extra space in their houses can transform the usefulness of an empty bedroom or small attic by making it into a craft or art center. The project is a fun, interesting way to set off a designated area for creative projects like painting, sculpture, quilting, pottery, weaving, and so many other exciting and rewarding activities. One of the advantages of choosing to convert existing space for artistic purposes is the low cost and simplicity of the endeavor. If you wish to turn an unused walk-in closet into a space for creating clay sculptures, the only expenses are the clay, sculpting tools, a comfortable artist’s stool, and a small music system.

Private Lifts
Retired homeowners who want to add a healthy dose of luxury and safety to their living quarters install lifts in any room of the structure. Professionals who install the units have put them in bedrooms, dens, front hallways, living rooms, and even baths. Where it goes is completely up to the owner, but all lifts offer several unique benefits. One is related to safety. Like it or not, many aging adults don’t want to deal with long flights of steps. The risk of falling might be small, but it’s still a possibility. Additionally, owners choose to install chic looking devices to enhance the looks of any part of the property. No matter the size or age of your current house, home lift costs start from the £23,000 point for basic units.

The basic greenhouse is a common sight in the backyards of retired folks who have the time and patience to nurture any number of plants to full growth. Some floral enthusiasts prefer to raise decorative shrubs or tall trees, both of which start out well in the protective, controlled environment of a greenhouse. There are several ways to approach the project. Talented individuals can go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route by designing and building the whole structure from start to finish. Most owners decide to purchase kits that contain all the basic components, or they hire someone to put the structure up for them. Of course, the latter method is the costliest, while DIY jobs and kits are priced about the same as small storage sheds.

Super Insulation & Weatherproofing
Depending on the climate in your local area, it can make good economic sense to invest in additional insulation and high-grade weatherproofing. As homeowners approach their later years and decide to remain in their current homes, it can be wise to get a professional energy audit. Experts spend about two hours checking every part of a structure to find places where there are air gaps and where insulation is in need of replacement or upgrading.

Above-Ground Pools
For the many homeowners who don’t want to pay for a permanent, in-ground pool, above-ground models are an economical choice. Not only do they cost a fraction of traditional swimming pools, but they’re fully portable. That way, owners who decide to move can either take the above-ground unit with them, put it in storage, or sell it. Large numbers of retirees prefer non-traditional pools for the cost and convenience factors.

Exterior Makeover
Making over the outside of your property is an interesting way to tackle a small series of projects that can be done at a slow pace. Another advantage of exterior makeovers is that things like painting, adding walkway lights, and replacing gutters are potentially DIY efforts for folks who like to get involved with improvement projects. While not all aspects of such work are DIY-friendly, many are. That’s particularly true for painting and basic landscaping.

Backyard Game Areas
Whether you enjoy bocce, horseshoes, bean bag, or other social outdoor games, it’s easy to create a special place for them in the backyard. If space allows, consider putting up a badminton net, croquet court, or shuffleboard equipment. Outdoor games boost the social factor of your private space and offer year-round fun.

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