Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Renovate the Kitchen Before Selling Your House



Selling your house is a huge decision to make, which requires days, if not months of pondering before you decide. There is a slew of questions that may flood your brain when you decide to sell your home, one of which is: should I renovate my kitchen before putting my house on the market? Renovation could range from simply installing new pendant lights to completely ripping out your current kitchen and putting a fitted one in.


If your current kitchen is fully functional, relatively modern, and still aesthetically pleasing, but needs a little updating like placing a new coat of paint, putting new kitchen pendant lighting in or upgrading some appliances, then it’s a no-brainer. With little investment, you can create a much better space that would make your house look more modern. However, if your kitchen is dated, has structural defers, or needs serious repairs, then it may take more time and money to renovate your kitchen before you can sell it.


Sure, you can still sell a house that needs serious kitchen renovation, however, here are some reasons why you should consider renovating the kitchen first before selling your house.


1. A modern kitchen attracts more buyers


The kitchen is one of those areas in the house that could make or break a buyer’s decision to purchase a house. The majority of homebuyers just want to move into a house without having to worry about repairing or renovating the kitchen. Since major kitchen renovations prevent them from moving in straight away, you can lose a good number of homebuyers with a dated kitchen.


Furthermore, kitchens that have structural defects or major issues such as dampness, subsidence, leaks, cracks, or infestations may prevent your potential buyer from getting their mortgage approved, thus limiting your buyers to cash buyers only. In this current economy, cash buyers are rare, and they may ask for significant price markdown when purchasing a house that needs major repairs.


2. An old kitchen will keep your resale value down


New countertops, modern cabinets, and fancy appliances can increase the value of your home by thousands. As mentioned, most buyers want to move in straight away, and a beautiful kitchen can do the job to convince them. However, it is important to calculate how much you’re spending to upgrade your kitchen. Don’t spend too much doing it up, as you may not recuperate the additional cost from your sale price. Simple changes like adding new lights, repainting the walls in neutral colours, or cleaning up the grout may make a huge difference. Consider other ways to add value to your house when you’re trying to resell.


3. New kitchens can sell your house faster


Selling your house fast brings more benefits to you financially, especially with the surging costs of keeping and maintaining houses, If you want to sell your house fast, doing up your kitchen is one way to do it. The kitchen increases the interest in your property from potential buyers, giving you a higher chance to find more serious buyers. You may even get more than one offer, which can help you get a higher price for your house.


Renovating your kitchen before selling your property is not essential. However, if you want to sell your house at a premium price and fast, you may want to consider giving your kitchen a much-needed update. Consider cleaning it up, and adding some fixtures that can make your kitchen brighter and appear more spacious. You don’t need to spend too much to create a more appealing space for potential buyers.




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