Tips to improve your home’s value – with doors and windows



No doubt, you can use lots of ways to improve the value of your house. But the best way is by installing new doors and windows. New windows and doors not only raise the value of your home, but also improve the energy efficiency of your house and will help penetrate more natural light. So, if you are planning to make improvements to your house with new Bigcity Windows & Doors, here are a few tips on it.

  1. 1. Install energy-efficient windows

It’s always a worthy decision to install new, energy-efficient, low-maintenance windows in your house. New windows not just increase your home’s value but are also appealing to buyers as they need less maintenance along with new low energy bills for cooling, lighting, and heating. Due to poor-quality materials and inadequate design, approximately 70% of house energy is lost through old doors and windows, with 90% of heat lost through old windows’ glass.

On the other hand, new energy-efficient windows insulate the house, keeping cool air inside during summer and heat inside during winter. When more natural light enters your home through windows, you will depend less on artificial lighting. Windows that help keep the house brightly-lit and comfortable year-round, along with lowering energy bills are the No.1 choice of buyers.

  1. 2. Improve exterior appearance with a new chic front door

The front door is the first thing being noticed by your visitors when they visit your house. You can give an excellent impression to your visitors by installing a chic front door. Your front door’s appearance can say much about your house and you. If in case your front door is damaged, outdated, or drafty, then consider replacing it with a new door for improving the appeal, energy-efficiency, security, and sound-proofing of your house.

Strong doors like fiberglass and steel are specially resistant and secure to rotting, wear and tear, and warping. The best thing about these doors is that they come in various panelling and finishes. Make sure to update or paint your garage door as well if it’s in deteriorate condition.

  1. 3. Fresh paint (both inside and outside)

Fresh paint can greatly improve your home’s look. If you are confused about the paint color, then prefer going for white. It’s a neutral color and all home buyers will like it. White paints along with silver or grey tint are trendy for being versatile, simple, and chic.

Paint both inside and outside of your house. Before painting the outer part, make sure to clean it carefully for removing any mildew. Here a mildewcide and garden sprayer can help you. After that, choose mould-and-mildew proof paint for preventing mildew return.

  1. 4. Update the light fixtures

Don’t forget to update the light fixtures for your house, both outside and inside. This will make your house look more up-to-date and stylish. You can opt for recessed lighting as it looks more brighter and beautiful. Also, replace your wall switches and faceplates. Don’t neglect the lighting in your yard as it will improve the display of your landscape.

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