Tips on how to get a classical French bedroom style

A French-inspired “fit for a king” bedroom captures a touch of elegance and would certainly wash all the stresses of even the most difficult day. It offers you the opportunity to escape the strains and stresses of modern life to a charming vintage bedroom rich in retro appeal. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? The best part is that you can easily achieve the whimsical French bedroom look by following classic tips and investing in French accessories and furniture. So if you have been thinking of doing a bedroom makeover in a French antique style then here are tips on how to get a classical French bedroom style.

1. Choose a classic antique bed that has an ornate headboard

A show-stopping and elegant antique bed from the bedroom furniture section of Homes Direct 365 that has a floral needlepoint headboard to add a bit of classic vintage to a rustic bedroom design. You can add details by dressing the bed with layers of lace, broderie Anglia’s-edged pillowcases, heaps of crisp as well as fringed throws. Also, you can blend white in your bed by layering textured crotched cotton over smooth silky bed linen. To make it even more retro and appealing, you can try pilling suitcases that are old to make an alternative bedside table. Such a combination will surely create a relaxing atmosphere and add a grand appeal to your apartment.

a6b6d881b5299a87751b9142529f31a08920d07bb75058bd83b05cd9e844661bImage source Homes Direct 365

2. Use a patterned wallpaper to create a refined look

If you are looking to create a sophisticated romantic scheme then you can use a combination of toile prints and wallpapers that have bucolic scenes. For instance, crisp white linen combined with patterned wallpapers creates a sophisticated romantic appeal in your bedroom. Also, you can balance antique bedspread that has a lace at the edge with walls papered using rolls dating back to the 19th century with printed wallpapers like this French country patterned wallpaper from Wayfair.

ee15a9432cc5b0712f21115baaee8a428d36b1a88efef9ce4cbe372ef38fc547Image source Wayfair

3. Use all-white paint for your walls

An all-plain white wall will bring out the best of the ornate bed frame and antique mirrors. The white walls set a calming scheme allowing you to enjoy a serene atmosphere in your bedroom. Using an all-white paint also sync with the fact that a French bedroom is never over-styled but rather kept simple yet stylish. Simply put, it allows the nonchalant style to bring out the elegance in your bedroom. The article called White Bedroom Ideas here by IdealHome has some great examples of this in play.

2be7d132e83ae2fc5d57a658ab1502603b7e860308ead51709c187009b0699efImage source Ideal Home

4. Use upholstery to create a classic French look.

If you are looking to create a quintessential or classic French country feel in your bedroom then invest in upholstery. An ornate dressing table, a luxurious coronet as well as pretty drapes in rose linen vintage fabric will certainly bring out the classic feel. You can also make a lavish statement using a bed that has a gold gilt frame as well as pink velvet upholstery. Combining ornate bed with vintage upholstery will certainly add the quintessential feel to your bedroom. Even a simple addition of some French style upholstered chairs like these by French Culture.

4812d3319e4392ef4cea865f72340375a55e461128665a868f637dd4bd66b5b7Image source French Culture

5. Use vintage furniture

Using french vintage furniture can help you to bring out the stunning shabby and appealing chic boudoir look in your bedroom. With the bed being the central furniture, you can either choose from rattan, upholstered, to ornately curved beds. Also, French or even Italian bedside tables like these from Juliettes Interiors can help you to add opulence to your bedroom. You can choose to embrace the all white table or cabinet to a plain mahogany round tables showing wood grains.

f4c030e8fb55950a337e6cfeaaf8f50e0c9cebcbf0d02defe8c89894f73233f8Image source Juliettes Interiors

6. Use french inspired accessories

French-inspired accessories that include beautiful jewellery boxs like this one from Dibor and mirrors should be strategically positioned in your bedroom. The jewellery will bring out the elegance adding opulence to your bedroom. You can use wedding jewellery or other jewellery that brings memories of great moments in your life. On the other hand, using mirrors helps to reflect and add more life to your bedroom. At the same time, the mirrors will help to reflect and disperse light throughout the room adding a sense of calmness and serenity in your bedroom.

8ed64af5de67405eeaa7989773d7cabf610518e93fe77afa4d6a73d0f90a6482Image source Dibor


French antique style in your bedroom requires that you do a makeover. Right from the design of your bed, the upholstery, accessories and furniture, to walls; you need to pick a style that synch with French decor. White, cream to soft pastel colours are ideal for your bedroom with colours adding a sense of calmness. Also, choose ornate or patterned wallpapers and finish by using different layers of textiles to add opulence to your room.

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