Three Big Property Value Wins for Your Next Flip Project


The median price of a UK home value is £234,794 which is up 0.7% since December 2016 according to stats and reporting on Gov.Uk. East of London has the largest growth of around 9.4% within the past year. It’s safe to say that we’re well beyond the troubles of the 2007/2008 financial crisis and on our way to an incredible opportunity to build wealth from our home investments.

The idea of the long-term investment isn’t in your vocabulary since “flipping” is king. What better way to make the most from flipping property than doing a couple touch-ups to boost property value? Let’s look at the options (and value) the following upgrades offer:

Money Grows on Trees

The Arbor Day Foundation comes out and tells you the incredible benefits of trees – one of which landing on the money: “A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000” Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

Invest in mature trees from nurseries for a quick bump in the value of the home. Mature trees can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars each. Do a “mature trees for sale” on Google and narrow down the providers in your area.

Let the Sunshine In

Besides a catchy tune, it’s also sound financial advice. Scientists have made amazing breakthroughs in solar technology. Efficiency in solar panels is at an all-time high making them a sound investment for homes and being quite an attractive feature to the property sale.

There are many solar options on the market which make it difficult to navigate so your best bet is to use resources like ION solar reviews to check the local listings and providers. Solar panels and installation will run between £2,500 – £8,000 (depending on size and output).


Project time for installing solar panels is only a couple of days before it’s able to generate electricity which will make for a quick-and-easy addition to boost home values.

Curb the Enthusiasm

A study called An Empirical Analysis of Effect of Housing Curb Appeal on Sales Price of Newer Homes (that’s a mouthful and available to read here if you dare) found the correlation of curb appeal and property value.

The findings?

·  A 7.7% increase in the sales prices

·  A 3.9% increase in the asking prices

The beauty is in the simplicity of improving the curb appeal without a large financial and time investment. These sales price bumps are accomplished with projects such as A) painting the exterior, B) decluttering the front & backyard, C) basic landscaping, D) fixing & replacing missing or damaged siding, E) cleaning the sidewalk, patio, and/or deck, and F) staging the home.

Rapid-Fire Quick Wins

There you have three “big wins” when it comes to boosting the property value. Let’s fire off a few other “quick wins” to add to the list when you’re flipping a home:

·  Add a luxury like a water filtration system or rainfall showerheads

·  Get rid of the popcorn ceiling and outdated wallpaper

·  Ditch shutters and curtains to let in light and make rooms look bigger


·  Swap in energy-efficient light fixtures

·  Show repair and handiwork receipts (gives them peace of mind)

·  Install a tankless water heater

·  Upgrade the front door (a cheap but surprisingly huge quick win)

·  Add-on storage (in closets or the garage)

With the housing market showing stabilization and growth – we’re bound to find incredible business opportunities. A few upgrades and tweaks will go a long, long way. 

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