The Signs of an Ant Infestation


Ants are common household pests, like termites and rodents. And just like these pests, ants can be quite industrious. Ants come in different types, and carpenter ants have been noted to have the most devastating effects. This type will nibble at your furniture and could be very destructive in your home.

Fortunately, ants which infest the home are more interested in sugar and small pieces of food. They are not really dangerous, but they can be quite irritating to have in your home. To make matters worse, they are able to reproduce fairly quickly.

It is important to note that ants don’t usually come out at the same time. For this reason, a single ant could indicate that there are hundreds more. So, how exactly can you determine that you have an ant infestation in your home?

     Ants Are Carrying Food Around Your House

Ants are quickly attracted to sugary foods, so they will naturally form a trail carrying the bits of food whenever you leave the food open. The same will happen when you accidentally drop some pieces of food.

A trail should indicate to you that there is an infestation in your home. You should note that ants can carry many times their weight, so with a large enough population, they can clear your leftovers quickly, without your noticing. Also, remember that a small visible population indicates that hundreds or thousands of other ants are hiding in your property.

     A Nest Has Developed

Ants will usually travel long distances in search of food, but if they have a consistent supply of food near your property, they will create a nest close by. It is possible to find out whether or not there is an ant nest near your house. First, you should look around for dead ants. They will normally die around their nests. Another method is by placing sugary foods like jelly in the house and make sure it is accessible to the ants. The ants will quickly show up and create a trail leading back to their nests.

The most common places where you will find ant nests are in foundation walls, under concrete slabs, inside walls, on insulation, and in rotten window frames. It is easy to clear the entire population once you find out where the nest is. All you need is a pest control method like a poisoned bait. Over time, the ants will consume the bait and die out.

     There Are Wood Shavings on Your Floor

Carpenter ants will feed on your furniture, including any wooden parts of your walls. This means you will end up seeing wood shavings on your floor. It is worth noting that carpenter ants are not as destructive as termites. They will not consume large parts of your furniture in a short time. However, this does not mean that they are much better. If you sweep up some pieces of wood, you should take it seriously and contact an exterminator.

     Rustling Noises Are Coming from Your Walls

Carpenter ants prefer constructing their nests in the night, and with the silence of the night, you will be able to hear some rustling noises. In most cases, these ants will have a separate nest outside the house, usually in wet wood or rotting logs. This nest works as the parent colony.

Within the house, they can establish a satellite colony in wet parts of the house such as the bathroom or under sinks. Walls which have wooden parts are also ideal locations for ants to create their colonies, particularly because they are perfectly hidden and usually damp. If you hear some rustling noises coming from the wall, you should take it as a sign of carpenter ant infestation.

     Check Damp Areas of the Home and Garden

You should also take a close look at the damp places of your home and garden. If you have an ant infestation, you will notice the development of a colony. This is usually seen in the form of a small pile of dirt or soil. Thousands of ants will be lurking underneath the pile of dirt, and they can cause harm in your home. Again, pest control methods like baiting can be highly effective in this case.



An ant infestation may occur because you leave dirty dishes in the sink for extended periods, or because you drop food accidentally around the house. Although they are not as harmful as rodents or termites, ants can still be extremely annoying. Being such industrious pests, they can create long trails around your home and clear food remains.

Once the ants enter your home, it can be difficult to kill them completely. This is why you should always take preventive measures. You can use the five methods above to determine whether or not you have an ant infestation. It is highly advisable that you contact Excel Pest Services to help you get rid of these ants.


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