The Case for Replacing Your Windows


Credit: Max Vakhtbovych Via Pexels

Budgeting for home renovations involves several moving parts. You want to ensure that your dollars go to projects that increase the value of your home, make it more liveable and comfortable, boost its aesthetic appeal, and – ideally – save you money in the long run.

As you peruse through various common reno projects, you’ll notice that some replacements/additions are more advantageous than others. For instance, while completely overhauling your fireplace might carry aesthetic benefits, it does little else in the way of adding value. Redoing your back patio may make the house more liveable, but don’t expect to recoup enough cost to boast added resale value.

Finding the right renovation project requires a holistic approach. What can you do that balances the best of all your objectives – that balances value, ROI, aesthetics and immediate benefits? In this article, let’s make a case for the following project: replacing your windows.

Replacing your windows through quality, reputable window installation services might just be the best use of your reno dollars. Here’s why.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing your windows is a significant step toward energy efficiency. Together with doors, windows represent precarious spots in your home; if they are not airtight and made of insulating material, they make a house more susceptible to the elements. Single-paned windows that aren’t adequately sealed (as is the case with most older windows) lose heat in the winter and allow in more heat in hotter months.

These inefficiencies rear their heads in your monthly energy bill as you pay more to heat and cool a house with subpar windows. Replacing your windows with double- or triple-glazed windows from a reputable manufacturer will therefore save you money.


A secondary benefit of installing new, energy-efficient windows is that they make your house more comfortable. Because there are no drafts and fewer fluctuations in temperature with energy-efficient windows, the house feels cozier.

New windows can also increase the amount of natural light and fresh your home gets. Newer windows tend to be made with “low-E” glass that reduces heat-causing infrared light while maximizing visible light. And if you choose to replace an inoperable window with an operable one (like a hung window or casement window), you can take advantage of natural cross-ventilation for a breezier home.

Curb Appeal

One of the reasons windows often rank high on lists of “best value renovation projects” is because, in addition to adding functional value, they also boost a house’s visual appeal.

Take curb appeal, for instance. “Curb appeal” refers to the attractiveness of your house as seen from the curb. It’s a term used by realtors to describe a potential buyer’s first impressions. However, even if you do not plan to sell soon, curb appeal can also express homeowner pride.

Your windows feature prominently on the front-facing of your house. Therefore, swapping old, peeling, cracked windows with quality-made replacements is a fast-track option for increased curb appeal.

Next time you formulate a budget for renovations, keep your windows in mind. New windows can help make a home more efficient, liveable and beautiful.

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