The Basic Rules on Moving Out Cleaning


When you are moving out of a rental property then the last thing you will have to do id to clean the place whether you like it or not. It is expected from you that you leave the place a clean as it was when you entered into it. The cost of moving out cleaning the place will be deducted from the security you have deposited with the property owner or the agent if you do not clean it yourself or through some professional cleaning service before moving out. Some of the basic rules on moving out cleaning are briefly discussed in this write-up for your guidance.

Go through your lease: Before starting to clean the rental property while moving out you should read the lease deed to know what is expected by your landlord from you to do. Though every landlord expects thorough cleaning of the rental house including its floors and carpets etc. to get it back into right shape but there can be some variation in your lease, so you should read it first.


Commonly expected cleanup duties: Normally it is expected from the tenant to clean doorknobs, baseboards, dusting fixtures on the ceiling, clean light switches, and other appliances and washing the window thoroughly. But after reading your lease you will know about the expectations of your landlord when you move out. He may expect you to get the carpets cleaned by the professional services. The cost of cleaning the home as per your lease will be deducted from your deposit if you do not perform within the expected time period. If you want to know how much is the rough price of carpet cleaning in Singapore.

Damages should be repaired: Before handing over the keys of your rental home to the landlord you should repair minor damages in it like nail holes etc. if you do not repair them then the landlord will have to do it on your behalf and its cost will be deducted from your deposit. So it is better to do small repairs like patching up the nail holes by using a quality filling material, use melamine foam eraser to remove marks from the floors and walls.

Similarly, you can use walnut to rub on the scratches on the wooden floors or use a wood marker to fill the scratches to match with the color of the floor. If you have added or changed the position of something in the rental house then you should replace them to their original position. Moreover, you should check all the rooms to check the fused bulbs and replace them.

Hire someone to clean on your behalf: If you have no experience with cleaning home while moving out then you can hire a professional cleaning service for this purpose. But after the cleaning is over you should ensure to inspect the place. Similarly, you can hire someone to repair the damages in your home before you move out of it.

Inform the landlord about major damages: If there is some major damage in the house that you cannot repair or replace without the permission of your landlord then you should inform him so that he can manage the things without blaming you and refund your security without any deduction.

For damages, you can be charged additionally: Your landlord can charge for damages more than your deposit if the damages are of major nature like mold infestation the shower region, massively stained carpet or missing tiles of the floor, etc. For example, you can be charged the difference of the actual cost of repairs and your deposit.

Security deposit holding back rules

You have the right to ask for the detail of the charges if the landlord holds back some money from your security deposit. You can check the legitimacy of the charges by going through the state laws. The deduction should be done sensibly. If your landlord charges $200 for filling up a few nail holes then it can legally be a ridiculous deduction.

Cleaning your old home before moving out can be an annoying activity for you as you have to spend lots of time and energy. But you will have to perform it as per the lease deed signed by you. It will not only give you peace of mind but also allow you to get your security deposit refunded which can be used for depositing with the new landlord.

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