Surviving Living In Your Home During A Kitchen Remodel


A professional kitchen renovation will typically take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete, according to Chartway. This is a long time to spend without a fully functioning kitchen, but most homeowners have no choice but to continue living in their home during the renovation period. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry as these tips will ensure you survive your kitchen remodel.


Build a temporary kitchen 

Restaurants typically mark-up their food items by 300%. Therefore, it’ll cost you a small fortune to eat out or have all your meals delivered during your kitchen’s remodel. A better option is to build a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home, such as in the garage, spare room, or the living room. A mini fridge is ideal for keeping food items fresh. You’ll also need to invest in small, yet nifty cooking appliances so you can rustle up wholesome meals. A microwave, portable grill, slow cooker, and a hot plate are a must.


Be water savvy 

During your kitchen remodel, your water supply will most likely be turned off to reroute and update your plumbing. It can be difficult to live in your home without fresh running water, so it’s worth keeping plenty of bottled water handy. When your water is turned back on, you need to be confident that your water is safe. As the water will have been turned off for most of the day, run your taps for a couple of minutes before drinking, bathing, or cooking as this will give the freshest water possible. You also need to ensure that your renovators aren’t using lead in your new kitchen as this can contaminate drinking water. If you’re ever in any doubt about the safety of your water supply while renovations are ongoing, avoid using it and arrange for an EPA water safety check.


Opt for disposables

Washing up and kitchen remodels don’t go well together. By stocking up on disposable tableware and cutlery, you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself.  Disposable plates, bowls, serving dishes, cups, knives and forks are all relatively cheap to buy and are readily available.  When you do have to wash up items, you’ll need to use your bathroom sink, so make sure you’ve got a drying rack and dish cleaning items handy in your bathroom. 

The kitchen is a lengthy remodel to live through. However, you can make this period of your life as stress-free as possible by following these handy tips.

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