Small Home Renovation Projects That Make a Big Impact






Watching too many home renovation shows might leave you with a little house envy. While you may not have the funds to put an addition or new kitchen in your home, you could have enough to do any one of these small renovation projects. The good news is that small personal installment loans, a good garage sale, or that little extra you have saved up are all the perfect ways to fund your weekend projects. Here are some little things that will make a big impact on the look of your home.

Paint the Exterior of Your Home

One of the things that many people forget about when they are considering a home renovation project is curb appeal. Adding new paint is a relatively small investment for the impact it will make. Whether you want to spruce up that sickly green color or want to brighten things up with a farmhouse white, there are so many color choices that will make a big impact on the look of your home. Imagine driving up to your newly painted house and how that small change will make you feel about your home.

Paint Your Main Living Spaces and Cabinets

While we’re on the topic of paint, it really is the best way to make a difference in the look of your home. And it is cheap. And most people can learn how to do it well enough for their own homes (don’t let the drips dry.) Painting a room makes it come alive. Brighten up dark living spaces, create cozy nooks, and let your personality shine through. Paint is an easy upgrade whether it’s going on walls or cabinets as long as you take the time you need to prep well, it’s a DIY project that’s well worth it.

Change Out a Light Fixture

Lighting goes a long way to changing the feel of a room. If you have dated lighting, look for something like a chandelier, a modern track light, or even a ceiling fan light to make an impact in a room. For as low as a few hundred dollars, you can completely transform your house. Light shines differently when you have a different kind of light.

Hang New Curtains

Are you still using drapes from 1984? Maybe it’s time to hang new curtains. You can work with local seamstresses to create custom panels using fabric you find at the craft store or get crafty and make your own. The nice thing about curtains is that most of the time you’ll be sewing very straight lines so it can be a good project for someone who isn’t the best at sewing or is new to it.

Replace Your Closet Doors

Installing new closet doors definitely makes an impact. Whether you have doors that are flat and you want something with more detail, or you want to install sliding doors or curtains instead, there are many ways to make an impact with a nice new set of closet doors. Since they are typically a standard size, it’s often possible to find doors at your local hardware store instead of needing to special order them.

Add a Backsplash

Want to change up how your kitchen looks? In addition to painting your cabinets, adding a backsplash is another great DIY home renovation project. There are tiles that are easy to install, and nowadays, there are even peel and stick options that look great on walls. For such a small area, you could get a project like this done in a couple of hours and it can make your kitchen look more updated.

Install New Faucets

Give your sinks an update when you put in new faucets. The great news is that this is the kind of project that most people can do with the right tools and a quick tutorial. Don’t forget to turn off the water main, however, otherwise, you might end up with a flood in your house instead. New faucets give sinks a quick facelift without you needing to remodel the entire bathroom or kitchen.

If watching too much DIY Network has given you the home renovation bug, these projects may scratch your itch. Try painting, adding things like a new backsplash, or changing the doors and light fixtures. You’d be amazed at the big impact these small projects can make.

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