Simple Scents That May Help Sell Your Home



According to a Journal published by Erin Spangenberg (Dean of the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California) in the Journal of Retailing, most shoppers are attracted to homes with a simple scent (orange in this case) as compared to those with a blend of scents. From the study, shoppers spend approximately 31.8% more shopping for simple scents for home décor than anything else.   That said, online estate agents suggest adding simple scents to your home might help attract more potential buyers and even sell faster. Some of the scents Erin recommends include: 

1. Citrus

Oranges, lemons, tangerine, and other citrus fruits produce a longer-lasting and more attractive scent. Using citrus fragrance in your home might help it sell faster. 

2. Herbs

Scented herbs bring a familiar but refreshing smell, hence an excellent addition to your kitchen décor. Basil, rosemary, or thyme are among the most preferred herbal scents as they produce a warm and welcoming feel. 

3. Vanilla

A vanilla candle can make a huge difference in your home. It makes the space/room cozy and even more welcoming. You can also mix vanilla with mint or almond extracts for that extra punch. 

4. Green tea

Green tea produces a lively aroma to restore your home’s harmony and freshness. 

5. Pine and Cedar

These fragrances produce a complex yet exciting aroma for the space. Although commonly used in winter and holidays, you can use these scents to make your home more attractive and appealing. 

Many prefer these simple fragrances as they are more conducive and less distracting. You, however, must be careful when choosing the right scent for your home. The rule of thumb here is to use your location as a cue. Pine and cedar fragrances, for example, are best suited for a house in the woods and not the beach.   Many people feel more confident and at peace with citrus cilantro. You can also start from there if unsure what to use for your home. 

How To Introduce These Scents In The House

1. Use candles: Candles provide an easy and intelligent way to freshen your home without spending too much. You only need to place the candles strategically to ensure the scents flow all through. Be sure to pick the right scented candles that will blend in with the home’s décor. You can also place these candles in decorative pieces for extra appeal. Remember to place these candles well secured and where they won’t be knocked over. 

2. Reed Diffusers:  Reed diffusers are a great way to introduce fresh fragrances into the house. The reed sticks dissipate scented oil into the air and should be replaced as soon as the scents are released. Reed diffusers shouldn’t, however be used in small rooms for too long as the scents can be overpowering. 

3. Simmer Pots: A simmer pot makes it possible to mix a few drops of simple scents in water, place it on a stove, then let it do its magic. It is also one of the simplest methods of introducing fresh scents to the house, especially in the kitchen. 

4. Deodorizing Disks: Deodorizing disks are commonly used to eliminate bad smells from small spaces, such as the laundry basket, shoe closet, or under the sink. 

5. Potpourri:  This is a mixture of spices and dried petals placed in small sacks or a bowl. The spices and petals release refreshing scents into the air. 

6. Oil Plug-ins: These are essentially oil diffusers that dispense sweet fragrances to the air. The diffuser needs to be plugged in, to work. The beauty of oil plug-ins is that they continue releasing scents 30 days after the first use. Consider using these in hallways and entryways for the best results.

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