Roller Shutter Designs & Trends to Make Your Home Stand Out


Roller shutters have evolved from a simple metal barrier to a more versatile design over the years and have transformed from being just ugly metal doors that do not bulge when intruders come through them. They’re being used in both commercial and residential structures, and they can be found in public and private spaces as well.

Material trends look at what different types of materials and textures you can incorporate into your shutters, while some decorative trends focus on exploring different styles and ways to make your space pop.

Let’s take a look at some trends to help you improve your Roller Shutter game and wow your neighbours.

Material Trends

See-Through Shutters

Transparent or see-through Roller Shutters are your best friend if you want to safeguard your facility against noise, dust, and humidity while also allowing potential customers to get a glimpse of what you do.

They’re made of fibreglass and polycarbonate plastic. This ensures that they let light in while preventing particles unwanted, and you can control the ambience.

Leading roller shutter installers in Sydney Roller Shutter People are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience installing electric and manual shutters, and have said they are ideal for promoting your products, especially if you have a store. They’re translucent, allowing you to advertise as well after you close up shop for the night. 

This form may be utilised to create interiors like walls and mall doors. It can also be used as external doors in areas with a high-security presence.

Wooden Roller Shutters

For individuals searching for a different style of shutters, wooden Roller Shutters are a wonderful choice.

Wooden Roller Shutters are a beautiful finishing touch to any structure and are popular in Australia. Some types of wood have a pleasant odour that they can emit into your home as well.

They are simple to keep and maintain but are also able to be utilised for outside and inside areas.

Climate Friendly Roller Shutters 

The climate crisis is a challenge we must address in order to ensure that our planet can remain inhabitable for as long as possible.

You can make your home more environmentally friendly by getting roller shutters for it. These Shutters, unlike the usual ones, do not appear to be different from one another (except that you choose to decorate them in a certain manner).

There are several options available to you. You may maintain and reuse an old shutter (well-made shutters can last for a long period of time). And don’t worry, it may seem brand new again.

Roller Shutters can also be constructed from composite or recycled materials. These shutters will suit well on both the inside and outside of structures.

Customisable Roller Shutters

Shutters are a classic way to give your home an added spark of colour, texture, and style. They’re also useful for keeping the elements out. If you don’t want that bulky shutters on your house to look like standard wooden shutters, our specially created Roller Shutters are what you’ve been looking for. You can now pick your own and get some customised shutters as well.

If your structure differs from the usual or unique place you want to install the Roller Shutters, you’ll need special preparations and consider the colour of your brand/business if you want to match the shutters to your own personal style. It also helps to fit within your apartment or cities guidelines. For example, in Sydney de-mountable roller shutters are not permitted by the council.

Grille and Perforated Roller Shutters

Do you want to have a metal shutter but still want it to that still let in some light and air? Getting a grille or perforated Roller Shutter is an excellent idea.

Grilles are iron bars that are arranged to allow gaps between them while still maintaining structural integrity. Perforated metal roller shutters, on the other hand, have holes in them for airflow.

When choosing roller shutters, it is important to understand what type of shutter to use. Shutters are designed for specific functions. Before selecting a shutter, you should know your needs and the nature of your home space. This will help you choose which type of shutter will look good on your house while also serving its purpose.

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