Reclaim your outdoor space with these useful design tips



Are you a proud garden owner but don’t really utilise it to its full potential? It’s a shame not to make the very most out of the space. Because your garden can be a truly magical place that invites both relaxing, cooking, socialising and exercising. Luckily, sometimes all you need is a couple of great ideas to get you moving and create an outdoor space that you’ll truly love spending time in. 

In this article, you can pick up a couple of essential design tips to help you reclaim your outdoor space and make your backgarden the new main attraction of the neighbourhood.   

Laying the groundwork: Planning and preparation are vital
Pre-planning is the secret to a successful outdoor design that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. One of the first aspects you should account for is which primary purposes your patio and garden should accommodate. Likely you’ll need seating and dining options. Often you also need a barbecue area or perhaps a full outdoor kitchen area. 

The overall garden design should fit the number of people you usually host, as well as be kids and/or pet friendly if relevant. And to ensure you’ll actually enjoy spending time outside in your garden, remember to consider factors such as natural shade, privacy, view, wind and insects.   

Invest in the right outdoor furniture
The foundation for any great outdoor space is comfortable outdoor furniture. Make sure that it both fits the vibe you’re going for – such as the countryside or southern European style – is made of weather-resistant fabric and includes enough seating to host the required number of people. 

On the patio, you might want to include a dining area, a lounging area and a sunbathing area. Make sure the patio can fit the size and number of furniture you want to avoid it becoming too cramped. Otherwise, you might want to adjust your plans.   

You can make the most out of the lounging furniture and the surroundings by placing them accordingly to let you and your guest get the best views, like watching the sunset over the hills. The dining area should be placed conveniently to make the trip from the kitchen as short and easy as possible.     

In the garden itself, you can include a bench or a small café set alongside the footpath or near some sort of garden activity. Alternatively, you can place the furniture in more hidden away places to allow a small private getaway in your own garden. 

Don’t ignore the importance of lighting 
Just like it is inside the house, outdoor lighting serves both a practical and atmospheric function. At a minimum, you should make sure to integrate lighting around the patio, but lighting alongside the footpath in the garden also helps. To create the perfect ambience, use a combination of lanterns, outdoor lighting chains and sconces. If you have a pergola or 

You can also consider integrating a fireplace or fire table as a part of the lounging area to create the perfect scene for gathering your guests and having interesting conversations well into the night. And the warmth of the fire definitely also helps a lot.     

Consider your need for cover
To make your outdoor space feel comfortable to spend time in, you need to account for changing weather conditions. It is difficult to fully enjoy any garden if it’s too hot or too windy to sit outside. If you have the space for it, having a pergola offers a nice bit of shade while also creating an inviting space for dining and entertaining. Alternatively, you can go for a parasol or a shade sail which both present a more flexible and less occupying solution.

Furthermore, you should design the outdoor space to provide natural protection against wind. Even in the summer, it can feel rather chilly. Consider installing covers at the edge of the patio or place plants strategically to shield against the wind and create a more private space.  

Match your landscaping to your preferences
For many people, it is important that the garden feels like your own little green oasis. That’s why you also need to plan your landscaping. Consider whether you prefer a more open concept or want to create small separate sections in the garden that enable greater privacy and a more structured garden design.

Consider choosing plants that are easy to maintain, as well as plants that thrive in different seasons. That way, your garden remains inviting throughout the year. Furthermore, consider that plants attract bees and other pollinators. Therefore, make sure you don’t place them directly beside the dining area.   

Water adds a zen-like feel to your garden
To truly bring home the garden becoming your little private oasis, you can add running water installations. The water’s sound and motion both create a calming sensation. You don’t need to have an elaborate water installation to enjoy the benefits. If you have a pool or a natural source of water nearby, make sure to take full advantage of it when you design your outdoor area. 

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