Perfect Materials To Use for Designer Kitchens



A designer kitchen gives you the chance to create your very own space which is specifically mapped out for you and the way that you like to cook and use the room. This gives you carte blanche to add whatever details and fixtures you would like and most importantly you will get to bring in the materials which you love most. There are some materials that are more popular than others for designer kitchens, and much of it will come down to what you want and how much you are prepared to spend. Here are the perfect materials which you could choose for your kitchen space.


Fabricated Steel


For many years steel fabrication services from Martin Stainless and other companies were used almost exclusively for businesses such as restaurants. In recent times, however, this material has really grown in popularity to be used for some features and fittings in designer kitchens. Steel offers exceptional hygienic properties and it is also very flexible and can be created in a wide range of sizes, grades, and styles.




Marble is widely considered as being one of the most luxurious materials that you can put in your kitchen, especially when it comes to long countertops and flooring. If you are designing your own kitchen and you are prepared to go all out on the style stakes, this is going to be the very best material for you to use. Marble is solid, clean, and offers natural beauty which few other materials are able to compete with.


Brushed Chrome


There are a number of hot looks which people are trying to achieve in the kitchen recently and the minimalist design is certainly one of them. These involve sleek storage areas and simple design, which pits brushed chrome against high polished countertops and cabinets. Brushed chrome can be used for taps, handles, and many more detailed fittings in the kitchen, and it offers a high-class, modern style to the space.




Another timeless classic style option that people are looking to create in their kitchens is the country-style look. This features the heavy use of timber, often painted in pastel colors such as pinks and blues. This look is perfectly accompanied by a large, ceramic trough sink which brings the whole look together. High-quality wood is needed to really create this look.




Bringing large amounts of glass into the kitchen helps to create the feeling of more space and more light, which lends itself perfectly to a chic-looking kitchen area. Glass can be reinforced and used in so many spaces in the kitchen, including the countertops if you really want to go all out. Glass is a mid-range price option which is growing in popularity in the kitchen area.




Granite can be used on sinks and on counters for a really classy look and the material and its texture really does lend themselves to a number of different style options. Granite in its rawest form is a rugged and hardy material, but it can be fabricated to create a glossy look for your kitchen. Granite sinks are a great option that can really create a great contemporary look in the space.


Make sure that you have first selected a style and a layout for your kitchen before you start looking at materials. Once you have done this, have an idea of the price in mind for materials and then go find the perfect option for you and your new designer kitchen. These are some of the most popular choices but there are many more options to choose from.

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