Multi-Tasking Kitchen Updates


Remodeling a kitchen is a major undertaking, but kitchen upgrades offer a bigger bang for your buck than any other home renovation. Until you have enough spare dough to create a dream kitchen from scratch, make a few energy-efficient and technology updates to your kitchen that are easier than tearing apart the hub of your home.

Aim for a stress-free, streamlined atmosphere that incorporates convenient technology in solutions that multi-task. Take a look at these environmentally friendly upgrades that streamline your life and will appeal to future buyers.


Electricians are lighting experts, but not just for ones that require electricity. Before you upgrade your kitchen lighting, consult your electrician because they’re seasoned experts at installing alternatives, like skylights to add natural light with a low energy footprint. This Vero Beach electrician does top notch kitchen remodels because he found that his crew was part of every element of kitchen remodels.

Electricians have access to a broader selection of lighting choices and discounts that consumers can’t get through a big box store. They’re also on the leading edge of technology upgrades, like installing Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, in the form of an ecobee light switch. These innovative light switches have built-in nightlights, motion sensors, and dawn/dusk sensors, while also enabling voice controls to add items to your shopping list or turn the lights off after a midnight snack.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances place less stress on the environment and cut your utility bills, so they’re a good place to concentrate your upgrade budget. Consult your contractor about models that have energy-saving rebates available or cash rebates for trading in outdated appliances. Consider upgrading to a model that functions as a command center in the kitchen, with access to email, family messaging, and recipes.

Get the most out of each appliance by choosing models with technology upgrades that allow you to turn up the volume on a favorite song while you’re cooking, or ask the oven to preheat when your hands are coated in flour. Some refrigerators even have cameras inside to identify certain foods by size, shape, and color, and can offer food prep tips or recipes when you remove items. The internet-connected fridge will keep you from coming home to spoiled food because someone didn’t close the door correctly by texting you that the door is ajar. It can also alert you to a child or dog who is playing with the ice and water functions so you can remotely lock them.

Kitchen Sink

Multi-taskers will like having a second sink or double faucet to free up the main sink for other uses. Popular sink additions include cold, filtered drinking water or instant hot water to speed food prep. A multifunctional trough sink can be used for anything from chilling drinks for a party or as an indoor herb garden.

Make an impact on your water usage with a one-touch or motion sensing faucet that comes on automatically. These faucets are helpful for cooks with messy hands, and also help reduce water usage with integrated auto shutoff features. Technology can give you an extra hand in the kitchen by stopping the flow of water after four minutes without activity, saving you from an overflow.


Remodeling the kitchen is a complex, messy job. You can benefit from less sweeping changes by upgrading key elements of your kitchen with streamlined, multitasking versions that save energy and lower your utility bills. Internet connected solutions will make your time in the kitchen more convenient, and adding environmentally friendly features will increase the eventual resale appeal.  

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