Large Renovations You Can Do To Add Square Footage To Your Home




Home renovation projects are always a valuable investment apart from being one of the best ways to add more space for both your family and belongings. Moreover, these renovation projects also stand to increase the value of your home at current market prices. If you have a growing family or need an office space at home, large renovations are the solution. Keep reading to get more tips about which large renovations in your home can give you the added space you need.


1. Build An Attic Or Roof Dormer


One of the large renovations you can do to add square footage to your home and create a functional space is to build an attic or roof dormer. Basically, this is a small room coming out from the side of the main roof with a window.


This space can serve as an additional room, guest room, dorm room, attic, or storage space. This addition to your roof will also allow more sunlight to enter, as well as make your house look better from the outside. If you do not need to use the room, you can put this up for rent and earn passive income from it.



2. Develop A Sunroom


Sunrooms are usually roofed and enclosed rooms added to the side of your house with large window panels to let the sun in. Instead of having a balcony or patio that’s exposed outside, you can opt for a sunroom instead. Here, you can install skylights and sliding doors. You can also add in furniture such as coffee tables, lounge chairs, and even a hammock.


For this kind of job, you might need a skid loader to set up a good foundation since you will be constructing the sunroom just beside your house. If you need tire or rubber tracks replacements for your skid loader, you can always check out Fortis Tracks to ensure that the skid loader is operating at optimum efficiency.


3. Add A Second Floor


It’s possible that you cannot expand your lot area anymore. If you can’t do horizontal expansion, you can always do a vertical one by having a second-story addition to your house. This is very beneficial if you are working on a small lot area.


For this kind of renovation, it is best to consult both an engineer and architect to see if your home’s foundations can handle a second story. This is very important because not all homes can endure this kind of large-scale renovation. Just a word of caution as this kind of renovation might also cost you a lot more.



4. Make A Deck Or Balcony


If you have a two-story home, you can always add extra square footage by building a deck or balcony. This will be a space where you can enjoy some fresh air and sip some wine. Just add a couch and coffee table, and you are ready to go. You can also choose to build this on the lower floors, although building it on the upper floors will give you a much better view. You can even build this on your rooftop if your home can handle it. Again, you need to consult an architect and hire professional deck builders for this kind of renovation.


5. Do A House Bump Out


Doing a house bump out means to expand a part of your home by breaking and pushing out the walls. You can do this in any part of your home, preferably on the lower floors, and as long as you are within your lot area. This is most applicable to kitchen remodeling.


This expansion will involve removing a section of your wall and adding more flooring, as well as extended roofing. Then, you need to build a new wall that will cover the expanded floor perimeter. If you chose to give your kitchen a bump out, then this area can become your breakfast nook, a space for another counter or for your appliances.


One of the advantages of house bump outs is that it will not require additional foundation to be built. In addition to that, this is also less time-consuming and less costly as well. You won’t need to hire as much people to finish a house bump out for you. In addition, these expansions will yield a higher return of investment and resale value for your property.


Get Creative!


There are many large renovations you can do to add space and value to your house. The ones listed above are just some suggestions. Exercise your creativity, and you’ll be able to figure out what to do with your space and add more square footage.




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