Landscaping Ideas To Raise The Value of Your Property



Contrary to what many people believe, adding value to your property doesn’t always require huge amounts of investment. One particular area of the property which can fall under this category is the garden, and a well maintained and landscaped garden can seriously have an impact on how your property looks. When a potential buyer rolls up to your property and sees the quality of the outdoor spaces, you will have made a great first impression and they will no doubt be excited to see the rest of the place. Here then are some landscaping ideas which will could certainly see the value of your property rise.


Maintain a Healthy Lawn


Not all landscaping ideas are about making huge changes and the quality of the lawn is a perfect example of this. A well maintained lawn not only looks great, but a buyer could come in and find it much easier to maintain now that the groundwork has been completed by you. Regular cutting of the lawn, investment in supplies from somewhere like Musturf for items such as fertilizer and making sure that the lawn gets sufficient water is how to keep it looking great, all of the time.


Consider an Artificial Lawn


An artificial lawn will give your home an instant makeover and it is the perfect option for those who don’t have green fingers. The quality of lawn which you can find in the artificial section is incredible and far superior to what we have seen in the past. These lawns remain in great shape for many years and a potential buyer may love the fact that they can have a great looking lawn without any investment of time or money.


Trim Shrubs and Bushes


Bushes and shrubs around the home which are not cared for can really give a bad impression of your property. Trimming these plants doesn’t require you to create ostentatious shapes and figures, but simply to flatten them off and keep them tidy. If a buyers pulls up to the property and sees well-manicured plants like this, it shows that the owner cares about how the property looks, and that instills confidence. This will make your home more attractive to buyers, and could even give the value a little boost too.


Mulch Bed


Mulch is a wonderful option for the areas around the lawn, and it also has beneficial qualities for the lawn itself. Mulch is great at covering up areas of the garden which are out of use, and it is also very good for the plants too. Mulch insulates the soil and keeps roots cool, which helps with the plant’s ability to get nutrients. Beyond its functional benefits, mulch looks great and really helps to create a neat and tidy garden space which new buyers will love.


Low Maintenance Landscape


Not all landscaping installations need great care and a low maintenance landscape could seriously boost your curb appeal. For example you could add a great looking cactus garden, coupled with more succulent plants to add something exciting to the garden, and to impress those buyers. Rock gardens are another great example, which require no effort in terms of upkeep, beyond washing the rocks down from time to time.




Smart lighting behind plants and uplighting for trees will seriously impress a potential buyer and make your properly much more inviting. If they come for a viewing as the sun is setting then these lights can be a great way of adding an extra element to your property, which could also end up adding some extra dollars onto the price tag.


Remember that adding value is about a combination of additions, and not one showcase installation, bear this in mind when working on the garden.

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