Investing in Your Home for Long-term Cost Savings and Remodeling Your Home for a Sale,


When getting ready to sell your home, it is critical that you understand the market. One of the most effective ways to do this is to determine what in your home actually needs to be remodeled to increase its curb appeal and overall value. While it definitely requires an investment to consider remodeling certain portions of your house, doing this in an intelligent way can increase the amount of money you receive in the sale overall.

Making the decision about what you’ll update is an important one and one you should do only after conducting plenty of research. Some home improvements could end up being quite expensive without paying you out on the other side when a buyer places an offer. Selecting what you’ll fix carefully, however, has a lot of potential for you to see ROI and be able to walk away with the best possible offer on the home. You can look at online home service websites to help when improving your home.

What Home Improvements to Choose

Certain home improvements will give you the best returns and to help you increase the chances that people will be interested in purchasing your home overall. Just a couple of critical improvements can take people from being curious onlooker to interested buyers. Although some of these remodeling projects might not seem as glamorous as others, they can speak volumes to potential buyers and realtors.

For example, according to Remodeling Magazine, you’re less likely to get back your investment in a bathroom or a kitchen remodel than you were to get back what you spent on home maintenance issues like new siding. In fact, the study found that siding replacement recouped nearly 93% of its total cost. A home improvement likely to return more resale was a kitchen remodel that costs around $15,000. Replacing windows and roofs were high on the list which could lead to 80% or more returns at resale. 

Basics Systems Help

Many buyers take basic systems for granted, they assume that the air conditioning, the plumbing and the roof will all work. Making this critical improvement well in advance can increase your chances of a sale. Steam showers and granite counters certainly have their place and can potentially pay off in your house, but bathroom and kitchen remodels are two of the best investments you can make because they are the big rooms that new home builders want to splurge on. Buyers shopping around are also looking for these feature in an existing home as well.


There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you intend to invest in home improvement projects. What you’ll get back is a return on an investment depends on the housing market where you live, the value of houses in your neighborhood, the value of your house and the quality of the project overall. Talking with the right contractors and considering option like ductless air conditioning which provide all of the benefits of AC without the hassle and expense of transitional central AC installation is strongly recommended.

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