How To Revamp Your Kitchen On a Budget




Doing a complete make-over of your kitchen can leave a heavy dent in your wallet. But with some clever rearrangements and a few paint strokes, your kitchen can look polished and as good as new. Read on to find out how!


Furniture Makeover

  1. Change the Chairs


If you use the kitchen island as your dining area or have a separate area for dining inside the kitchen, simply changing the chairs can give a fresh look to your kitchen.


Place high bar stools at the kitchen island with colored cushions on the seats. Or mix up the colors of the chairs and keep a neutral tone on the table to get a kitschy look.


  1. Paint the Furniture


No need to worry about stained kitchen furniture anymore! You can get paints that resist marks and food stains. You can paint your kitchen furniture all-white for a classic look, or if you want a more interesting color scheme, mix up colors to create cool contrasts.


  1. Replace Handles and Knobs


Although cabinet and kitchen doors and handles don’t attract a lot of attention, you’d be surprised how changing these can be refreshing for your tired eyes.


Go for interesting or artistic knobs and handles that stand out from the surfaces and lend a revamped look.


  1. New Kitchen Faucets


Kitchen faucets can give a modern look to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Choose a bold color like red or black with simple lines and round edges to give a clean new look to your kitchen.


Wall Makeover

You can always change the walls of your kitchen if changing the furniture is too much of a hassle for you.

  1. Paint the Walls

Put a fresh coat of paint on the wall above the kitchen cabinets and the countertops for a renewed look.

Washable paints are now available so that you can easily wipe away food and oil stains.

  1. Change the Wall Lining

If you already have backsplashes between the cabinets and above the counters, you may want to change them. With new designs featuring bokeh, landscapes, quotations, patterns, etc., you can change the backsplash with the change in seasons. You will have a fresh look in the kitchen throughout the year.

What’s more, these tiles have adhesive, so sticking them on the walls is the easiest way to refresh your kitchen look now and then. You can also use them to line your kitchen drawers.


  1. Add Rugs and Mats

Adding blobs of color on the kitchen floor definitely takes the boredom away from the neutral tones of the walls.

Just throw a bright mat or carpet under the table in the eating area. Or add a washable mat near the fridge, sink, or kitchen island. Choose a solid color or one with bold patterns to add some chutzpah to your kitchen.


  1. Add Backlits

Lighting technology and designs have come a long way, and you can use this in your kitchen to add a welcoming glow.

With backlit panels installed behind the kitchen tiles, you can bask in the welcoming warmth in a room where you spend much time with your family.


  1.  Add Hanging Lights

If your kitchen is large enough, a simple chandelier hanging over the kitchen island changes the whole look. Or if you want something more subtle, you can go for suspended lights with a modern, clean design.

These lights hanging from the ceiling will change the lighting and mood of your kitchen by highlighting some parts while keeping others dimmed.


10. Paint to Highlight

Add pops of color in your kitchen to make certain parts of it stand out. Paint corners, window and door frames, and cabinets or drawers with a bright color to create a contrast. If your kitchen floors and walls are a neutral or pastel tone, add yellow, red, or yellow to provide some cheer without spending a lot of money.


11. A Bright Bin

The trashcan is often relegated to a corner or under the sink to hide it from the rest of the world. Turn things around by choosing one in a striking color and a different shape so that it changes the look of your kitchen. Place it where everyone can see and access it without having to search.


12. Add a Clock

Hang a big clock on one side of the kitchen. It will serve both as a piece of décor and will also tell you the time without your having to glance at your phone.

Choose from a variety of designs that go with the overall look of your kitchen—a wooden one for a rustic barn look or a steel and glass clock to match a modern, modular kitchen. For a retro look, go for a vintage design.


Space Makeover

Make use of empty space or create more space by removing kitchen elements.

13. Remove Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen feels cramped and restricted, you can remove the cabinet doors to create breathing room. You will feel especially liberated if you do away with the doors of the top cabinets which are not often used.

However, if you don’t want dusty crockery sitting in the cabinets, you can install glass doors. You still get breathing space while protecting your dishes.


 14.  Add Railings

To keep the pots, pans, and utensils within reach when you’re cooking, add some railings to make use of the wall space. These railings have both functional and decorative purposes. They offer convenience while changing the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank.


15.  Add Shelves

Sometimes we crowd the kitchen counters and island with too many jars and stacks. Instead, add a few shelves to keep your things better organized and your kitchen looking fresh.



All it takes to give a new vibe to your kitchen is smart thinking and simple solutions. Just a coat of paint or a piece of décor can turn your kitchen from drab to fab without any exorbitant spending.


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