How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Cozy Ski Lodge


If you live in a chilly climate, then you know there is nothing like coming from the icy tundra outdoors to curl up by the warmth of a hot fire inside. Ski resorts have nailed down the cozy, womb-like experience that immediately provides comfort to guests.

But you do not have to wait until your next getaway to a ski lodge to feel that amazing sensation again. You can turn your home into a personal mountain resort with just a few tweaks to your interior designing philosophy.

Dim, warm lighting from natural sources and wood detailing can go a long way in helping you feel at home in your home again. So if you are looking for ways to convert a drab living room or a cold bedroom into a comforting and cozy spot that will be the envy of all of your guests, read on!

Create a Plan

Creativity is important in the designing process, obviously, but when you are dealing with spaces that will see daily, practical use, you also need to have a game plan to make sure you are meeting your needs in designing the room. With an organized foundation, you can then turn your focus to creating inspired interiors.

Before you even begin to conceive of the actual furniture, light fixtures, and throw pillows you will be buying for your new abode, think about your lifestyle and your goals.

Then, center your plan around this. But be realistic. Can you always be around to monitor your small children and pets around a fireplace? If not, maybe you shouldn’t get one. If you spend a lot of time in the room you are redecorating, think about how you can make the design not only unobtrusive but actually help you achieve more efficiency in your lifestyle. Then, lay out how you are going to design the room step by step. For a cozy vibe, start with lighting.

Next, consider the financial resources necessary to spring your plan into action. For a major revamp, you may need to take out a loan or line of credit, and there are several options depending on your circumstances. For example, seniors looking to redecorate their home to create a more comfortable retirement experience and improve their living space can leverage reverse mortgage loans. A reverse mortgage calculator is a reliable way to determine if and how much you would qualify for.


When you are trying to cultivate that coveted cozy vibe, your first focus should be on how you plan to light the room. First, identify your available light sources.

You feel it envelop you as soon as you step inside. It makes you feel safe and loved and relaxed. It’s hard to beat that when it comes to choosing how you light your home!

“Warm” light is flattering and can elicit romantic or relaxing emotions. “Cool” light lends itself to alertness and focus. If you are aiming for a cozy feel, you should always opt for warm light as your main light source.

Since ski lodges and wintery resorts tend towards using wood as their primary building material, your color palette will probably center around warmer colors. Cool lights can play with warm color palettes, but the opposite is harder to pull off. It’s possible. However, it does look a little unnatural to the eye.

If you have a fireplace you plan on using, you can bet you will have a ton of warm light to work with. Then you need to decide what light fixture to pair it with. Are you going to use big windows for natural light? That will be very useful if you are aiming to reduce your electricity costs during the day.

But you will still need to see in the evening, right? Plus, larger windows will let more heat out of your home, so if you are worried about your gas bill that is something to consider. Either way, if you opt for natural light, you will want artificial light to fall back on.

Use Your Architecture

Part of the rustic charm that we feel when we inhabit these spaces like cabins or lodges is that they actually make the building itself the central character. If you remove the charm of the architecture, you might find a lot of your favorite spaces lacking.

But don’t despair about this if you live in a classic modern home! You can still achieve this effect by using YOUR house’s layout to your advantage. Play to your home’s strengths.

For example, a grey, cold living room with a reading nook can be quickly remade cozier by making that nook the central focus. This works with fireplaces, too, because we associate them with natural gathering places.

If you have a grand, spacious foyer, you can use dark colors to make the ceilings and walls feel closer to your guests.


What are you reminded of when you think about ski lodges and winter getaways? I bet it’s not slick, glossy, clean surfaces or neat lines. You probably think of wood and fur and the thick of smoke in the air.

If you want a cozy room, you should fill it up with texture and life. This does not mean you should throw all of your clutter around and call it a day. Of course not! Be deliberate with the pieces you choose to highlight, and make sure they are all different textures to ensure visual interest.

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