How to Create Curb Appeal


One of the most important things to consider when selling a property is its curb appeal. ‘Curb appeal’ refers to how attractive a property is when viewed from the street, so a well-maintained exterior and a tidy front yard can be very important elements. 

Since the exterior of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer will see, it will have a great effect on their overall impression of the house. In fact, curb appeal could even make or break a sale. Keep on reading to find out how to create curb appeal when selling your home.

But first, remember to consult an experienced real estate agent to ask for advice before you start any home improvements. The highly experienced agents at Compass would be happy to help you throughout the selling process.

Paint the walls and doors

Worn paint can be extremely offputting to potential buyers. This will make your property look old and run-down, which could suggest to buyers that there’s even more repair work needed inside. So, first of all, you need to repaint your walls and doors to make your house look modern and inviting. Make sure you use neutral colors to appeal to as many people as possible – a brightly colored house may be unique, but you could struggle to sell it as quickly.

Clean and repair your windows

To improve the appearance of your house and let in more natural light at the same time, you should thoroughly clean all of your windows. In addition, pay attention to the condition of the windows and the window frames. If there are issues like damaged frames, you’ll need to repair or even replace these parts to make sure your house looks its best.

Tidy your front yard

Next, you should focus on improving the appearance of your front yard. The first task should be to tidy up this area and make it look neat and well-maintained. For example, you should clear away any debris and mow the lawn, making sure all of the grass is at the same height. After this, you can figure out how you want to present this space – you could just leave it as a tidy expanse of grass, or you could start landscaping.

Work on the landscaping

If you decide to do some landscaping, you need to remember to not go overboard. Buyers will appreciate a nice front yard with flowers and shrubs, but they probably won’t be drawn to a yard that looks too high-maintenance. You could try to do the landscaping yourself, but if you’re not a keen gardener, you can hire someone to take care of this for you.

Provide adequate lighting

You may forget about outdoor lighting, but this is a very important part of a home’s curb appeal. Outdoor lighting will both illuminate your house in a flattering way after sunset and help deter burglars. Therefore, outdoor lighting can make your house seem more appealing and safer – these attributes are highly sought after by potential buyers.

Don’t forget about curb appeal when you put your home on the market. By making your house attractive on the outside, you’ll appeal to more buyers and make your home easier to sell.

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