How To Create A Friendly Home For Your Pet


Cats are intriguing creatures that are filled with negotiations, paradoxes and absolute entertainment, making them ideal pet choices for families. Their stark difference from dogs makes them special in their own way, and so is the preparation you need to do to bring a cat home. If you’re planning on extending your family, here’s everything you need to know on make your home a safe and thriving haven for your feline friend.


Match Your Home To Your Cats Personality

Sounds too glamorous for a cat, doesn’t it? Well, truth be told, you are better off tweaking your exterior and interior to suit your cats personality if you want a happy, thriving and healthy cat. 


If you cat is more of an indoor pet, you will have to invest a great deal of time in keeping your home healthy and germ-free. Regular vacuuming, picking droppings and cleaning after them can be a hassle. Hence, it’s wise to set up a cat nook that has a bed, toys and an in-house scratching board for her. If you find her dashing out the door every chance she gets, use your outdoor space to set up her den. Most cats also enjoy rolling on grass, so it would help to grow a patch of grass she can play about in. Cats as creatures enjoy sitting on an elevated area, having a good view of their surroundings and dangling their legs as a position of leisure. Use any treetop area or fence to give her this cosy spot. It will most likely double up as her favourite napping spot too! 


One important aspect of a cats personality to note when setting up a friendly area for her is that although she may be your pet, it is in the nature of a cat is to be a predator. So, ensure her area gives her ample views of other living beings around her such as birds, insects, worms and even your other pets. Now, we don’t mean for you to give her access or in anyway aid her to hunt or kill these beings. Simply give her a view of them so her predator instinct, which is core to her nature, is not lost. Let the circle of life take its course if she does chance upon an earthworm or any garden insect. 


Provide Avenue For Social Contact

Cats are creatures that require constant interaction with their family. Even if there’s nothing your furry friend really needs, just knowing you are within their spectrum of vision and can be reached at anytime is important to them. So, when you’re looking to set up an outdoor pet enclosure for your cat, ensure it has a direct access to your home so your feline friend can reach you when she needs to. 


Fill Her Space With Activity

Your paw-dorable little kitty will always have a trick or two up her sleeve. Whether it’s scaling your fence or exploring your kitchen cabinets, there’s nothing her cattitude will let her consider out of reach. As a cat parent, you need to ensure her territory throws up plenty of activity and challenges for her, while at the same time ensures her safety. That way, she doesn’t look for challenges in your kitchen, wardrobe or living room,  saving you from the mess. 


Remember,  A bored cat or one that’s not challenged by her territory can tend to put on weight and get lazy sooner than you know, bringing on a host of health and behavioural problems too. The best way to avoid this is by investing in a cat enclosure that ticks off on activities. Provide for plenty of room to romp, slopes to climb and a board, tree or pole to scratch. Some toys, tunnels and ramps that act as a good means of exercise for her. Multiple doors and windows in the structure also promise better ventilation in the summer months and visibility for you even from afar. Set up a perch or two for her to settle herself into in the afternoons, observing her surroundings and enjoying her solace. 


Don’t forget to include a comfortable cat bed where she can lounge and rest after all her activities. After all, the queen ought to have her little cosy nook in her castle. 


Keep Safety In Mind

Let’s not forget the all-important aspect of safety for your cat in her enclosure. First things first, balance the amount of sunlight and shade therein to ensure she enjoys a bit of both. When you’re setting up the enclosure, opt for Anti-UV weatherproof roofs that ensure your cats comfort. The outdoor area of the enclosure is best covered with a wire mesh. This way, you can keep an eye on your precious even from indoors, while she too has visibility outside of her home. It also keeps off predators from your cat. Only use paint and structure materials that suit the temperament of your cat. You don’t want your cat developing allergic reactions to any element of the enclosure. 


Plan An Outdoor Enclosure Around Convenience & Hygiene 

Must homeowners often overlook the fact that they need to enter their cats space ever so often in order to clean and maintain it. The biggest aspect of Convenience for you in planning an outdoor car enclosure is giving you a comfortable entry and exit point.


This is so important because it is directly related to the Hygiene of the enclosure. Ensure all areas, even the smallest nooks are accessible to you so you can pick up droppings and debris from everywhere. The floor plan of the enclosure should be such that her food tray and her droppings tray are far away from each other. Cats are very fussy beings. So any inkling of her excreta around her food, and she’s not going to want any of it. Place her food tray and her droppings tray at opposite ends of the enclosure to save yourself trouble. A great way to conveniently and quickly clean the droppings tray is by layering it with a disposable sheet, that you will just have to replace couple of times a day. This way you can hop in and out of her den in a matter of seconds to get it cleaned up.


We hope we’ve geared you up just fine on the operational aspects of welcoming your cat buddy home!

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