How to Avoid Shady Garage Door Repair Companies



Your garage door plays an important role in the home exterior. Aside from protecting your belongings, it must contribute to the aesthetics. Few homeowners have extensive knowledge of how garage door mechanisms work, so they look for a contractor when something goes wrong. Sadly, some firms overcharge customers or fix their doors poorly.

A reputable garage door repair company like Fix Garage Doors CA will provide excellent service with extensive warranties and insurance. Without research, you risk inviting a contractor that will damage your equipment beyond repair. Follow these tips to steer clear of fly-by-night companies.

  1.  Don’t Accept the First Offer

If you have never used these services before, begin by researching the average price range. Do not jump at the first opportunity — compare different bids to find the optimal value for money. The cheapest quotes are usually suspicious, but the highest prices may also be misleading. To avoid getting scammed or ripped off, do your research.

  2.  Check Range of Services

When evaluating a provider, pay attention to the range of services. Some repair firms that do not offer sales or installation, exploit uninformed consumers who need help urgently. They overcharge them for the work and parts. Look for a comprehensive range — for example, repairs and installation for all popular North American brands.

  3.  Check What Others Are Saying

Compare feedback from different sources. Every company shares only positive testimonials, so you should turn to independent platforms, such as HomeStars. Check Google reviews and specialized home repair sites. These days, positive comments can be bought, but savvy consumers can still discern deceitful practices.

Overwhelmingly negative feedback is as suspicious as 100% of 5-star reviews. Look for a plausible balance between praise and occasional complaints. Pay attention to the way the company handles feedback. Does it make an effort to help customers, or does it seem to ignore any criticism once the services have been rendered and paid for?

  4.  Check the Name and Address

Before making a call, find and verify basic information, including the company’s physical address and name. Google the location to make sure it is not an apartment building or another fake address. A reliable provider will not direct you to a PO Box, either. You wouldn’t like to hire a technician who operates out of a pickup truck with a cell phone.

Check naming consistency. Unethical providers often work under different names, so the information you get from their ads, call centers and websites may differ. This always spells trouble, and tracking complaints is not the only concern.

Such companies provide substandard services. Steer clear of firms whose advertisements use generic terms instead of company names (for example, “garage doors” or “door repair”). The same applies to the introductions used by their customer service employees.

Final Words

Even if you need emergency services, do some research before calling a provider. Make sure the company is legit, licensed and offers extensive warranties and insurance. Look for experienced technicians that can provide installation, repair, and maintenance. Do some due diligence to avoid getting scammed.

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