How Effective is an Orange Oil Treatment For Termites?




Termites cause significant damage. The US Environmental Protection Agency states that termites cause billion dollars worth of damage each year, with over 2 billion dollars spent to treat them.


Termite control is something we should take seriously. There are many options for termite control these days. One of which is Orange Oil.


One main concern regarding termite control is safety, convenience, and eco-friendliness which many don’t have. That’s why orange oil treatment is becoming popular.


Orange Oil is among the safest and most eco-friendly termiticides. Anybody can easily make use of it to kill termites.


How Orange Oil works


Orange oil is a natural product extracted from orange peels. Its main active ingredient is D-limonene. D-limonene breaks an insect’s exoskeleton and eggs upon contact which kills them. Wood treated with orange oil prevents termites from feeding on the wood, which causes the termites to starve.


Orange oil is found in a wide variety of cleaning and food products. It’s a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical insecticides. As long as it’s used responsibly, it’s unlikely to pose a threat.


Effectivity of Orange Oil Treatments


Orange oil treatment is an effective alternative to conventional pesticides using dangerous chemicals. It’s also good at killing other pest insects aside from termites.


Research from the Bio-integral resource center found that up to 96% of termites will die when exposed to orange oil for five days. Lower concentrations can reduce the mortality rate. However, even at low concentrations, orange oil can still prevent termites from eating treated wood causing them to starve.


It’s a quick and easy solution to minor infestations. Moreover, it doesn’t harm us and is pet-safe (dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and fish).


No need to call in pest control. Homeowners can use and apply orange oil themselves. It’s starting to become a popular termite control option for many households.


No need to stay out of your home after applying the product. It also has a pleasant smell, unlike other pest control products.



Weakness of Orange-Oils


It also offers no residual protection. You’ll need to apply the products to treat large infestations. Using orange oil to treat larger colonies of termites would be expensive in the long run.


It can also only kill termites on contact. So you’ll need to apply it to areas where termites are found. It can’t fix any hidden infestations or places where you don’t use it.


In large infestations, it’s best to combine orange oil with other termite extermination methods. Unfortunately, it also can’t be used for subterranean(underground) termites problems since orange oil is applied mainly on wood.


Some problems may arise when you use it. Despite its low toxicity, prolonged and/or significant exposure can irritate. In some instances, it can even cause an allergic reaction to those allergic to it.


You should proceed with caution when using on plants. Spot test this on plants before using. This can potentially harm the plants unless diluted.


Remember that it’s also flammable and should be applied and handled with care.


Will Orange Oil Fix My Termite Problem?

Mostly depends on your situation and the severity of your problem.


The usual procedure for using orange oil is drilling holes in wood infested with termites. The orange oil will spread through the hollow spaces inside the hood where the termites feed on.


Orange oil can quickly kill many termites once applied. In addition, it’s pretty easy to apply.


It doesn’t protect for long. Once the oil dries, it’s not effective anymore.


If you only have a small localized infestation, you can make use of orange oil to fix it. However, large-scale infestations or those not resolved by previous applications of orange oil may warrant the use of other long-term termite treatment options.




Orange oil is growing in popularity as a safer alternative to chemical termiticides due to its effectiveness. In addition, the product is generally harmless to us and our environment.


It excels at quickly dealing with small-scale termite infestations. In addition, it kills termites and many other insects effectively.


It only has a small range. It can only kill termites when they make contact with it. In the long run, it’s better to combine orange oil with other termite extermination solutions.

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