How Can You Best Display Jewellery in Your Home?



Jewellery makes its wearer into a work of art, but you certainly cannot wear all your jewels at once at all times. They can get heavy, scratchy, and quite simply will just start looking ridiculous. That being said, if you love your pieces and collect these items, they deserve more than to be hidden away in a box where you can’t see them.

This is particularly true if you’re a collector who sources stunning antique pendants and other pieces for their historical value or aesthetic. Jewels and the handiwork used to craft these stunning vintage pieces shouldn’t be kept locked away in a dark cabinet – they should be on full display so you can fully appreciate and view your items at all times.

There are a few steps you’ll need to take so that you can safely and confidently display your pieces at home, so use this guide to help display your best treasures.

Before You Display Anything

Before you start displaying your jewellery in your home, there are a few points you’ll want to keep in mind. The first is security. Depending on the value of your pieces, you’ll want to have security measures such as CCTV, locks, and so on. You’ll also want to get your pieces properly appraised so that you can insure the lot. This way, you can display your items more confidently.

Use Display Mannequins

How much more beautiful do necklaces and antique pendants look when they’re on a bust versus lying flat at the jewellery store? Therefore, why not use the same principle at home? You can get minimal busts that are designed for showcasing jewellery. Not only do they act as excellent display pieces, they also help you position your treasures so that they’re less likely to break or be damaged over time.

If you’ve ever had to untangle necklaces, then you know how frustrating improperly storing your jewellery can be. For those super-special pieces, you won’t even want to put them in a case. Instead, get those mannequin busts. They can be white, black, blue, and almost any colour in-between. Choose the shade that matches your décor and your collection best.

Get or Build a Display Case

A display case is perfect for jewellery. You can keep it in your dressing room, bedroom, or anywhere in your home where you want to showcase your collection. Such a display case gives you plenty of room to display pieces on busts as well, so you can see your collection from multiple angles. As a bonus, these cases can be made to be dust-tight, so you can minimize cleaning and polishing.

When choosing such a case, ensure there are soft lights on each shelf so your entire collection gets a shining spotlight. You’ll also want this case to be lockable to deter any curious guests from opening it.

Depending on your pieces, this case can be simple, or it can go so far as to be temperature- and humidity-regulated. If you have pieces that contain silk or other sensitive materials, going all the way is essential to preserve your pieces while they are on display.

Clean Your Pieces

Once you have the case and the security measures in place, it’s time to get your entire collection professionally cleaned and, if necessary, repaired by a jeweller you trust. This will help your collection shine like stars, making it a truly magnificent display for your home. If you have pieces you’re worried about, you can even ask advice on how to archive them best while displaying them to help your collection last yet another generation.

Arrange Your Display

You’ll want to take some time to arrange your display to your liking. As a general rule of thumb, the eye tends to drift to the middle and top part of any display or artwork. Therefore, you’re better off designing a circular display. This means put your most impressive pieces in the middle, and then your least favourites along the edges.

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