How Can I Save Money On A Montreal Concrete Repair Contractor?


If you are looking for renovate your home you may be so excited, but that excitement level may decrease when you look at the cost. Let’s face it, hiring a contractor is not the most inexpensive thing. Although there are ways you can cut corners and save money, be expected to invest in the contractor you are picking. With that said, there are certain things you can do to save money when hiring a contractor. Keep reading to learn more from my experiences hiring a Montreal concrete repair company how to save money on a contractor. Also, take note; you don’t need to specifically need one in Montreal, it just happens to be where I needed one, but the process is the same regardless of your location.

Most contractors are willing to work with you to cut down on costs, especially if you are upfront and honest with them about it. Of course, there are many parts of the project that you want to leave the contract, but in reality, some of the things they are doing you could be assisting with to cut costs. This could end up saving you a lot of money. So, even if you worked less or took more days off during that time, it still may put you well ahead.

Have a plan

Having a plan means there is no time wasted. If the weather turns terrible is there something else that can be done in the meantime? If some suppliers do not come in on time is there something else that is already planned out that can be accomplished? Making a plan and knowing it can change and how to alter the plan is a great way to save time and money going into your renovation.

Little costs

Small costs can really add up. You have probably noticed this in your everyday life, but it is so true when it comes to renovations. Those small costs can make a huge difference at the end of the day. Time take to compare prices online and in various shops. This does not mean to go with a cheaper product, that same product may be online or at another store for half the price. Do your research and those little items will really help to save you money in the long run.


With that said, larger tools that you may need to purchase should be quality. The last thing you want is a large tool breaking which can cause a delay or it breaking more materials. Make sure that the items you are working with are high-quality.


There are two parts of waste that can help save you money. The first is ordering the correct amount. Make sure that if there are unused materials you return them. Don’t throw them out. Little materials can really add up in cost. Create as little waste as possible so that nothing is being wasted. Make the measurements beforehand correctly.

The second part of saving money on a contractor under the topic of waste is to clean up the waste yourself. Like we talked about earlier, there are little things that can be done that you are paying big money for. These little things can be done by just about anyone! Depending on how much waste you have, you can be the one that gets rid of it and brings it to the dumpsters. Many have a fee that you are having to pay. Save your money and clean up the mess yourself and bring it to a free dumpster.

Do small chores

There will be chores that come up from time to time that may require a worker needing to break in order to go and pick up the particular item. Try and schedule your work (or take a few days off) so that you can make yourself useful in this situation. Perhaps those nails they need to pick up will take you 20 minutes. This could actually save you $40 just by making that simple trip yourself. Also, make sure that the workers have all of the supplies they need ahead of time each money from preventing those little delays.

Daily tasks

Every day there is an unpacking and packing up process that occurs. This takes time. Can you imagine if the workers got to work right until 5 PM instead of starting to shut down for clean up each day at 4:30. Your project would go by a lot faster. Which would also mean you would save a lot of money. Do the cleanup each day and allow the workers to work as long as they can. They can leave and not have to worry about any of the little tasks.

Hard work

The contractors that are working for you are doing a lot of hard work. Have you noticed when you are tired you don’t work quite as fast? Maybe you need some water but there isn’t some around? Have some water and a few snacks set up for the contractor. You can have things like oranges, trail mix, water, Gatorade, and a few granola bars. You can even pass them around when they are working. Some people may think this will cause them to take a break. In fact, it will actually just help them to have more energy and work quicker. They will appreciate the gesture too. It really will be a small effort that goes a long way.

Now you see some small and easy ways you can save money on a contractor. Each by themselves may seem little and insignificant, but when you add them all up you are helping your final cost quite a bit. You allow the contractor to focus on what they do best and minimize any small tasks that get in the way of their hard work. For more tips on saving money while hiring a contractor, contact us today!

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