Home Renovation: Why Renovating Your Home Calls for an Electrician






Your old home has become boring, and now it’s time to renovate it. But you can’t do it alone. You’d need many professionals to help you build the dream house you have always wanted.

You may want to redesign your house because now you are ready for the house you wished for, or maybe your old house has a lot of issues.

This is why you need to have an electrician, before planning on the renovation, look around and detect any electrical mishap. Experts like BSK Data & Electrical Services can solve these electrical problems. So, to minimize electrical risks, you should contact such service providers before remodeling your home.

In this article, we have gathered a handful of reasons why you need to bring in an electrician before a house renovation.


Regulations for Older Homes

There may be provincial restrictions in place that need frequent electrical inspections based on where your old house is located. The following are some examples of what could require a phone call to your local electrician:


Home’s Age

If your house is older than 40 years, it’s time to get your electrical wiring inspected.  

Extension Cord

A house that is powered by multiple electric cables will produce more power than it was designed for.

Add a Device

Adding large appliances to the home requires a new level of performance. New appliances can strain wiring, especially in older homes.  

Aluminum Wiring

If your house is wired with aluminum instead of copper, you may be at increased risk of an electric fire.

Outlets That Are Not Grounded

If your home is equipped with an ungrounded two-pole outlet, there is no additional layer of electrical protection. Consider upgrading your outlet to a 3-prong style for added safety. When updating your wiring, your residential electrician will be able to:


  • – Upgrade the main service panel to host the proper amperage.
  • – Install circuits capable of handling power-hungry appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, etc.  
  • – Replace ungrounded two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets.
  • – Switch your wiring from aluminum to copper if needed.


Creating an Action Plan

Your electrician can walk you through every method and increase a green plan to address your antique wiring woes. Finding a lower-priced and great nearby electrician is step one of this method. They let you plan out mild replacements, replace wiring, and equip you for inspections.

An electrician will test your own home’s format and provide you with a map of wished electric projects. This can imply locating regions for the brand new wiring or simply locating lifeless outlets. Having an open verbal exchange of approximately what you need is one of the blessings of operating with an expert crew.


Fire Hazards of an Old Electrical System

Old wiring may be dangerous. Outdated electronic structures can cause fires. Additionally, there are dangers with servicing an antique gadget that the best and most skilled electricians will understand.

Here are several dangers your nearby electric contractor will recognize approximately:

Knob and tube wiring: this antique-college fashion wiring is best single-insulated and may without difficulty grow to be compromised.

Low amp wiring: present-day home equipment continuously requires extra energy for operation. Older wiring frequently has a lower amperage than what is wanted for present day-electronics.

Modified wiring: policies concerning wiring continuously need to be updated.


Signs to Update Your Wiring 

How can you tell if your wiring needs an update? Your home’s existing wiring may be strained as a result of trying to power contemporary gadgets. So, keep an eye out for the following electrical strain indications:

  •  – Frequent Power Cuts
  •  – A messy or overused panel
  •  – Flickering lights
  •  – Hot cords, plugs, or switch plates
  •  – Buzzing sounds
  •  – A burning odor
  •  – Electrical shock when in contact with a cord
  •  – Smoking from outlets or wires


Why You Must Call an Electrician

Apart from the potential risks your house may be exposed to, here are some other reasons why you need an electrician before you renovate your house.


1. Installation of Additional Outlets

You may need to install additional outlets in rooms that are not properly accessible or that require more outlets. Before you start refurbishing your room, you need to decide whether to install a new outlet or remove the old one. Dealing with electricity carries a lot of risks, and it is best to leave this to an expert to avoid a fire. Electricians are best suited for their work, as electricity needs to be properly grounded. Electricians have the skills and training to keep your home safe.


2. Control Panel Upgrade 

Switchboards should be replaced, on average, every 20 to 30 years. However, if you are remodeling your home and your electrical panels are less than 20 years old, you may still need to upgrade.

Most old homes are designed to consume about 30-50 amps, much less than today’s homes. When your home needs more power than your electrical panel can handle, you will experience various problems, including flickering lights, frequent power outages, damaged devices, and more serious electrical problems.


3. Replacement of Lighting Equipment 

There is no better time during the home renovation to replace your luminaire. When remodeling your home, you probably have a particular style and design in mind about how you want your space to look. Proper lighting is essential not only for decoration but also for overall aesthetics. Old, outdated luminaires can change or destroy the look of your space. Consider switching to LED lighting to save energy as well as for bright lighting.


4. Remake Electrical Wiring

Refurbishing electrical wiring can be a significant task that requires considerable skill and expertise. If your home refurbishment project involves breaking walls, you may also need to rewire your home. It is important to have a professional electrician perform a complete inspection of the wiring system. A thorough inspection will determine if the electrician needs to install new wiring, outlets, and circuits to keep you and your home safe.


5. Too Few Sockets

As your family grew, your need for electrical energy probably grew even faster. Home refurbishment is a good time to install additional outlets on all walls. Families have different needs for additional outlets, such as extension cords for everyday chores.

Professional electricians can include additional outlets in their refurbishment plans to solve the problem of having to unplug some appliances before connecting other appliances.


6. GFCI is Not Installed 

The GFCI or ground fault circuit breaker is designed to shut off power immediately if the connected device comes into contact with water or other types of moisture. These safety devices are standard equipment in today’s bathrooms and kitchens, but if you own an old home, your room may not have a safety device.

Replacing an outlet during a home remodeling operation is a very simple task, but it is essential for family safety and may require a remodeling code in some locations.


7. Plug Disengages From the Socket

After connecting the device, the plug will be on the floor after a few minutes. This means that the device needs to be upgraded. When inserting the plug into the hole, the socket must grab the end of the plug. If the clip that holds the plug wears, the plug can slip off and fall to the ground. Unfortunately, in this situation, there is a potential for arc discharge, sparks, and fire hazards. Have an electrician replace these outlets as soon as possible.



Renovating a home is indeed exciting that inspires even the least handy among us to try it. While excitement is important for a remodel, caution is also essential when analyzing your DIY capabilities for the larger projects in your renovation. Professional electricians can assist with every aspect of a house remodel’s electrical work. So,  it’s better to take help from experts in such cases.

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