Guide to Buying Rugs – Easy Tips for Each Room


Rugs are often the centerpiece of our room decor due to their prominence in the center! Whether a living room rug or a bedroom rug, it adorns the floor of our home, giving an undeniable orientation to our decor. To make the best decision regarding this indispensable ally in any interior decoration, here are our tips before making your purchase.

How Rugs Are Chic And Glamorous Decoration

The choice of materials, shapes, and decorations of a well-pronounced refinement can distinguish rugs. Well-marked geometric and symmetrical shapes and dynamic motifs, as if they were in constant motion. They are another of the distinctive features of this style. You can compose your decoration with a square coffee table, a rectangular dining table, or a round mirror, and add a touch of glamor with a globe lamp. You can also dress the walls with wallpaper drawings of wheels or other drawings that provide dynamism.  

Want to make a bold style statement or add a pop of color with your favorite color? Or want something understated that matches the rest of your home decor? Momeni has many options, so you can find a rug you love.

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How to choose your Rug?

It can be difficult to choose between all the styles of rugs available, which is why we discuss some materials below to help you make the proper choice.

1- Natural materials

Rugs can be crafted from natural materials such as wool, bamboo, or cotton. Wool rugs provide comfort and warmth and are a material that is resistant to use and does not get very dirty. Bamboo rugs are very resistant and easy to care for. In addition, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material! In addition to their natural look, cotton rugs don’t get dirty and are easy to care for.

2- Synthetic materials

Synthetic material rugs are easy to care for in all colors and patterns! Polypropylene, acrylic, or polyester are the easiest materials to care for, as well as being antistatic, resistant to dirt, and easy to clean. In addition, rugs made of synthetic materials are the ideal allies in households with children – don’t hesitate to place a rug under your dining table or in front of your sofa!

3- Density and finishes

Two more criteria can be fundamental when choosing your rug, the density of the materials that make it up and the finishes. The denser a rug is, the softer and more comfortable it will be. The finishes are also very important as they guarantee the refinement of your rug. For example, Berber rugs’ fringes give them an incomparable style. Some cotton rugs are hand woven to ensure the highest quality. Tufting is also a weaving process that offers excellent rug quality.

How Big Should Your Rug Be?

You can use a large rug under your sofa and armchairs in the living area. You can also place the sofa’s front legs and armchairs on top of a medium-sized rug. With a smaller rug, you can place the sofa and armchairs around it. It is best to choose a large enough rug for the chairs in the dining area, even when they have pulled away from the table.

It’s easy to create a bigger rug

If you want a bigger rug, you can put two rugs together. Rugs help create different room zones, such as a TV-watching or dining area. Therefore, joining two rugs also helps to create a larger area. You can even add many rugs together to create a wall-to-wall carpet feel.

Rug pile or flat weave?

The fur rugs are soft and cozy. If you use many of them, you can reduce the noise in your house because the dense and thick fur absorbs the sound. Flatweave rugs are thinner. As they allow chairs to be moved easily and are easy to vacuum, they are a good choice for your kitchen or dining space.


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How To Choose A Rug To Your Liking?
There are specific characteristics that all rugs must have, regardless of whether they are purchased for the living room, the kids’ room, the bedroom, or the TV lounge.

Characteristics of Quality Rugs:

 – Non-slip protection: A non-slip rug protector doesn’t just reduce the risk of slipping. It also helps keep the mat in place while you vacuum. 
 – Rugs that help children to play: Children love to play on the floor. Therefore, a rug can make your children’s room cozier and play more comfortable. Some rugs even have patterns that children can include in their play. 

Don’t worry too much when buying a quality rug or if you are more conscious, follow these steps to ensure it lives a long time! Here are the steps to follow to keep your rug in good condition:

1st step:

Start by vacuuming your rug using the vacuum brush. You will vacuum your carpet, and it will regain its shine.

2nd step:

If you want to thoroughly clean your rug, wash it with soap and water. Adding a little white vinegar will make the result even more convincing.

3rd step:

To revive the colors of your rug, use sparkling water to moisten it and then let it dry before brushing.

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