Easy Ways to Maintain your Shutters



Modern roller shutters are unobtrusive, and with made to measure units that come in a range of materials and colours, they are an attractive addition to any property. While they do look stunning, and can transform the look of a house, they do require some attention, and if your shutters have seen better days, here are some useful tips to keep your shutters in good shape.

Regular Maintenance

This would be best carried out by the company that installed the shutters, and if they are no longer in business, an online search would reveal the location of a reliable local company that could do the work. If you are in Western Australia, and looking for Perth shutters, you would be well advised to contact http://www.perthrollershutters.com/, as they not only install new units, but also maintain existing roller shutters.

A Range of Materials

Modern shutters could be made from anodised aluminium, plastic, or even timber, and the method of cleaning would be a regular wipe with a damp cloth, making sure you get into the nooks and crannies. If the system is motorised, it will require greasing, and if you have no experience with this, call out a shutter company, as they can service any motorised shutters. Timber shutters would need regular treating, perhaps every two years, otherwise the extreme weather will take its toll.


If you live in an urban setting, pollution can cause plastic or vinyl shutters to discolour, and a little detergent mixed with water will restore the original colour. The only surface that you cannot apply detergent to is timber, and every other material will look cleaner after this process.

Aluminium Shutters

Usually the most expensive, aluminium slats are very low maintenance, and are ideal for the salty coastal air in Western Australia. The anodisation process is not a coating, rather it changes the surface of the metal, and therefore will not dull or fade. The installation company would be more than happy to give your shutters regular inspections, and this will ensure they are always in tip-top shape.

Hinged Units

If your shutters are side opening, they could be hinged on the sides, and in this case, it is easy to remove them for a thorough clean. If this is done annually, your shutters will always look like new and will complement the property.

Motorised Units

If, at any time, you hear strange noises coming from the motor, it is best to call in the professionals, as the internal mechanism would need to be inspected. The tracking should be lubricated regularly, and failure to do this is a major cause of tracking misalignment and eventually, the motor might have to be replaced, which isn’t cheap. Your shutter installation would be fully warrantied, and by maintaining a service agreement, you can be sure everything will be in good working order.

Taking care of modern shutters is easy when compared to the older generations, which were generally cumbersome units, and with composite materials, a damp cloth is really all you need.

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