Easy Home Improvements to Help Your House Sell Fast


When you are looking to sell your home you will generally come up against a pretty competitive market place where a quick sale is sometimes difficult unless you are offering a particularly low price or have something very unique about your home.  There are many different things you can do to make your home stand out from the rest of the crowd which include the following:

Conversion of Garage

This may sound very complex however it isn’t really. Not many people use their garage to actually store their car – generally you will find these are filled with junk and general storage area.  As such, if you have an alternative storage solution this may be the perfect answer to add an extra room and increase the value to your property. Changing a 4 bedroom house to a 5 bedroom by doing this is seen as a pretty valuable solution.  Generally unless you are an expert builder then this is not something that would be recommended to do on your own.

If you do not have the garage to convert you may wish to consider starting from scratch and build a steel building using a company such as Armstrong Steel. Their buildings have been used by customers for workshops, garages and storage so this could be a big selling point for your property. Be sure to check this out with the local authorities beforehand as neighbours can sometimes object to this.

Interior Decorating


A lick of paint can do a world of good when looking to sell your home to freshen up the property.  When people come to review the property with the view of buying it, if it is worn and looking old, this will definitely affect the property value and you may not be able to sell immediately unless you take this off the selling price.  Giving the home a quick makeover is not particularly expensive and you could consider hiring a painter and decorator to do this.  For a £1,000 quick makeover you could increase your property by several thousand pounds.

Exterior Decorating

Giving the exterior of your home a makeover also assists with the house value and could be attractive to potential buyers.  This can include painting of the doors / windows etc or looking at the garden.   When you are marketing your home for sale, the exterior pictures are usually the first photos that the potential buyers will see therefore if you have overgrown grass or shabby doors or windows then this may deter people from coming out to visit the property.

Build a Driveway


A driveway can be an invaluable asset in your home, especially if you are in an area where there is not a lot of parking.  Parking wars in built up residential areas are common therefore the option to have your own dedicated parking space can be an important feature.  Doing this is not expensive at all and you can hire an external company to support.   If you have this and your neighbours don’t then clearly you have more of an advantage if trying to sell.

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