Creating A Relaxing Bathroom Experience For The Summer Months



Creating the perfect bathroom to relax in over the summer months is not always easy, but is well worth the time and expense to create a space you love. This article is going to focus on items that you could purchase to transform your home, from colour schemes to fancy new appliances to create that at-home spa feel.

Incorporate natural elements into your bathroom

Incorporating natural elements into the décor, such as a variety of different plants can help your bathroom transform to feel like a spa, and bring a homely- natural feel to the space. Various ways to include this could be by purchasing potted plants to sit on surfaces and cabinets, to hanging plants from the ceiling or door. It is important when choosing plants to select ones that would thrive in a humid and damp environment and to also consider the degree of light the room receives.

Choose an all-white colour scheme 

Spas are known for their colour schemes to radiate cleanness, purity and calmness. Opting for an all-white colour scheme is timeless and classy, and would allow other decorations in the room to stand out. You could even DIY Your own feature wall, all you would need is  all you would need is tile adhesive and some textured tiles and some textured tiles, to create a unique minimalist wall. You could further mix this up by creating an accent wall, with the white colour scheme providing an excellent base to work with any colour you choose. 

Look at adding luxury items into your bathroom

Adding some luxury items to your bathroom can give a spa-like- expensive feel to the space. This could be an expensive high-quality robe or bathmat, that draws your attention.  To create an extra expensive feel, consider adding a towel drying warmer, so your towels are warm after getting out of the bath or shower, and this could also provide extra heating for the space. 

Adding candles and essential oils is an easy way to help you relax and feel like you’re getting the spa experience

Aromatherapy is the perfect final touch to your bathroom, helping to release stress and evoke calm and relaxing emotions. It is an easy way to set the tone of your at-home bathroom spa, with scents such as Lavender, Jasmine and Vanilla being popular scents to bring out comfort and tranquillity. 

These steps can help create your home spa, and do not necessarily have to cost a fortune. Investing in small pieces that will last and create a space you enjoy is invaluable.

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