Creating A Children’s Nursery That’ll Be A Home Selling Point



Transforming your spare room into a room with a purpose, such as a nursery, will increase the value of your home, according to The Scotsman. This is highly recommended if you plan on selling up in the future. You should be prepared to spend around $2,000 on your new nursery, although you may choose to spend more or less. Let’s take a look at nursery room design trends that can be a real selling point.

Beige & neutral shades

Beige might sound bland, but it’s the biggest nursery design trend right now. Last year, Kylie Jenner unveiled her son’s nursery which is decorated in shades of white, gray, and beige. A beige glider and ottoman also sit in Wolf’s bedroom. Interior designer Naomi Coe says that beige has become a very popular shade for kids’ bedrooms in the past few years and that it’s calm, serene, and homey. The beauty of a beige nursery is that it’s suitable for all babies and accent colors can be added in via furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, and toys. When the time does come to sell your home, your beige nursery will be more appealing to buyers than a brightly colored one. Research has found that buyers prefer a blank canvas and neutral tones.

Simple but effective storage

As any parent knows, you can never have enough storage. Storage is also attractive to potential buyers. A report in Remodeling Magazine revealed that organized storage increased the likelihood of a property selling. Caddies and baskets are ideal for storing baby items as they can easily be cleaned and transported when needed. Plus, they hold a lot of items. Home Design Institute recommends having concealed shelving rather than open shelving as it’s tidier and can be better organized. Rotating storage units are also good options for maximizing the space you’ve got. The advantage of all this storage is you can easily sort your hospital bag or bags in the room. Your bag should be packed by the time you’re 36 weeks pregnant. Be sure to include diapers, clothing, a blanket, and burp cloth for your tot. You should prepare for your newborn’s arrival by adding toiletries, clean clothes, snacks, and water spray to your hospital bag. 

Prioritize safety

It’s best to child-proof your nursery straight away rather than waiting until your baby starts to roll and crawl. Opt for furniture with rounded corners where possible as this will lower the risk of your baby hitting their head. There are some lovely oval cribs on the market that tie in with this theme perfectly. They also make a lovely feature in the center of the room. Just make sure the crib you buy meets safety standards. You should also keep all furniture away from the window. Instead, make the window a talking point with rainbow-colored drapes or some window decals.

Your baby’s nursery will be one of the most treasured rooms in your home. By following these tips, when the time comes to sell your abode, potential buyers will love it just as much as you do.

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