Cost-effective Ways To Freshen Up a Room



If you are buying a new home, there are some cost-effective ways you can freshen it up without going over budget. These nine clever tips will help you feather your nest quickly and simply.


Switch up the lighting

To give a touch of contemporary decor, change your lights! Lampshades, central light fittings, wall lights, and even bulbs are available in fashionable solutions to subtly accentuate your interior decoration without the cost of a complete overhaul. The current trend is touches of copper in a kitchen or a designer bathroom – why not give it a try?


Add some houseplants

For limitless zen and natural beauty at a low price, think greenery! Garden centers offer inexpensive houseplants and associated decorative accessories. Pots, planters, glass jars, retro macrame holders: many possibilities exist to really showcase your plants in your interiors. A remarkably inexpensive decoration idea you can use in all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom!


A lick of paint

Want to change the atmosphere in a room, such as giving a teenager’s bedroom a new lease of life? If you don’t have the funds to spend a lot of money on new accessories, you could simply repaint them. You can buy a wide range of specialized paints at your local hardware store. Perfect for matching your old bed to the color theme of your bedroom or transforming the look of a kitchen or hallway, you can paint everything!


Change the bathroom sink

To easily and inexpensively revamp a bathroom, consider replacing your old wash basin with a designer countertop washbasin! Previously reserved for luxury bathrooms, there are now designer countertop washbasins at attractive prices. A decorative idea that does not involve major work or expense.


Experiment with a feature wall

A cost-effective option, adding a feature wall can be a good way of freshening up your living room. Many wallpaper companies offer a wide range of textured and material wallpapers that create eye-catching effects at a relatively low cost. Imitation cement tile wallpapers are among the latest trends, and they’re a lot cheaper than the real thing!


Changing blinds and curtains

Window blinds or curtains are a great way to add some ventilation to your room. Getting rid of old, bland-colored curtains in exchange for Roman blinds in your living room is an upgrade. Sometimes, that’s enough to provide that extra punch for next to nothing. If you own a home where it’s mostly hot and dry like in Nevada, blinds are a great way to reduce the incoming heat. This is especially helpful in keeping you cooler during the summer.



Install trendy flexible floor tiles

Replacing tired and shabby flooring can bring an interior design up to date in an instant. If you do not have the funds to lay flagstones or parquet, go for flexible floor tiles! Durable, family-friendly, and easy to fit, they are now available in an extensive range of imitation materials, from cement to wood to concrete tiles. All for a much lower expenditure, but without losing anything in appearance!


New accessories

Using accessories to highlight small jobs is the winning combination of a successful interior design. Target a few essential elements: cushions, throws, and vases. The major decoration brands offer collections based on trendy themes: Nordic, tropical, unicorns, anime, so it’s easy to develop ideas. The decoration tip to remember: in a living room or a living room, create a decorative composition (cushions, curtains, rugs, trinkets “for the winter and another for the summer. The best way not to get bored!

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