Climate Change Biggest Reason Homeowners Choosing To Install Swamp Coolers


Currently, there have been instances of extreme heat and extreme cold. its said that Global warming is the main cause of these occurrences. Initially, people used to install heat pumps cooling systems. However, due to extreme climate change, evaporative coolers have proved to be more effective than the common heat pumps. They are also known as swamp coolers, they are installed to cool air in warm climates with high temperatures. 

Let us look at reasons why climate change is the biggest reason homeowners are choosing to install swamp coolers.

They are Environmental Friendly
There are numerous cooling technologies homeowners rely on nowadays. Most of them emit chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer. Moreover, this has led to worse climatic conditions over the time. There has been pressure to use more eco- friendly so as to protect the environment. With the knowledge of what causes ozone damage, it’s safe to claim that swamp coolers use natural process and require no harmful chemicals and ozone-harming pollutant. In addition, air leaving a swamp cooler doesn’t dry the air in the home which is the case with traditional air conditioners. Evaporative coolers don’t emit carbon monoxide. 

They are Easy Maintain

Swamp coolers are manageable with a low maintenance cost. Whenever you install an evaporation cooler the energy and electricity are less compared to the traditional coolers. This is because traditional coolers were set in a time that climate was a bit stable and there were no extreme cases of low humidity and high temperature as it is today. Swamp coolers use energy similar to that used by the fan unit. When purchasing a swamp cooler you should purchase one from a remarkable company like that will not only set it up but will also be in charge of swamp cooler maintenance.

They are Healthy
Health is a concern in any living home. When purchasing an air conditioner you should get one that is health conscious. Swamp coolers are not only environment-friendly but also health friendly. It has wet pads that help in trapping airborne contaminants. People living in a home with swamp coolers breathe easily in times when there is hot and dry climate or increased humidity. Moreover, such a home has a fewer or no allergic attacks.

They are Perfect for Hot and Dry Weather

Swamp coolers are effective in cooling down temperatures, therefore, work well when the climate is hot and dry. Moreover, it offers fresh air compared to air conditioners that offer recycled air. Evaporative coolers are designed to work best when it’s extremely hot ensuring the normal temperature is comfortably maintained. If you want a cooling system you should look up for one from a outstanding company like Denver swamp cooler installation.

In conclusion, climate change has contributed heavily to the type of cooler to install in homes. Swamp cooler has been a great option since they are health friendly, environment-friendly, and also easy to maintain. Moreover, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, therefore, they enhance the interior décor of a home. They have been around for a while and they have proved to be a solid cooling method.

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