Can You Paint Over Your Vinyl Siding?



If you have vinyl siding that isn’t looking so great anymore, it may need a fresh, new coat of paint. Angi, formerly Angie’s List, can help you to understand how vinyl siding works and what kind of paint you need to make it last.

Repainting for a Longer Life

As vinyl siding ages, it becomes worn and doesn’t look as good. Eventually, you may have to replace the siding, but for now, giving it fresh paint can make it look a lot better. Can you paint vinyl siding? Only if you know the right kind of paint to use and how to do the prep work required. A new paint job on your house can add to its curb appeal and even its value.

Exterior House Painting

Generally speaking, you can paint the exterior of your home once every few years. In some cases, if you live in an area with high humidity or scorching, direct sunlight, you may have to paint it more often. Painting isn’t a complete solution to siding problems, but it can make it look much better when you aren’t ready to replace it yet.


If you want to paint the vinyl yourself to save on labor costs, it can be a big project. You will first have to thoroughly clean the surface of the vinyl. You will likely need to use some detergent and bleach mixed into water.


After it’s clean and dry, you can apply the masking tape to the boundaries of the area to be painted. This generally includes your door frames and windows so that the paint doesn’t go where it isn’t supposed to. Then, you can apply the primer if it’s needed. This will help the paint job to last longer. Then, two coats of paint are used over the primer to create just the right look for your home.

Choosing Your Paint

Some people want to get the most economical paint they can, but this isn’t a good idea when it comes to painting vinyl. Only certain types of paint will stick to the vinyl. Most regular paints simply won’t stay on the surface. The paint you use needs to be a VinylSafe variety, made by both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. These paints are made to stick to this surface, it will also result in a smoother finish when the job is done.


If you aren’t happy with the way your house looks, giving it a brand-new paint job could be the answer- at least for a few years. Check out Angi to find a painting professional in your area, and for more information on exterior painting projects and prep work.

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