Building Your Home: Top 5 Design Trends In 2022



As with anything, home building trends are constantly changing and evolving. And if you’re designing and building a new home, it’s good to be aware of these trends that can impact your home building projects in 2022. 

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That said, if you’re looking for inspiration for your upcoming home building project, here are the most popular home building and design trends you should consider adopting for your new home. 

1. Greener Homes

Here’s a hint: It’s not the color of the walls or furnishings in a home. Greener home building is more on being energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

Sustainability, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency have become growing concerns in the modern world. Fortunately, the home building industry is taking notes and implementing solutions to meet the demand. 

This is why most homeowners are now adding renewable energy sources to their home-building to-do list. Solar panels are on top of the list, and homeowners are leaving a significant part of their solar energy system installation budget. As solar panels become more accessible, we’re seeing more houses with gleaming roofs covered in solar panels that effectively capture the power of the sun to provide homeowners with free electricity and reduce utility bill costs, thereby, making their homes more energy-efficient. 

In addition to solar panels, home builders are now offering and encouraging clients to opt for sustainable materials such as recycled and reclaimed steel, wood, and more. Some builders are also offering high-efficiency building standards and amenities such as rain gardens to help in conserving electricity and water. 

3D printed homes are also an innovative green development in the home building industry. It helps in reducing building costs, improves energy efficiency, and offers less waste while providing you with more design.

2. Loving The Curves

Whether it’s related to the outward curves from the extra pounds we gained during the pandemic or a resolution to bring back your inward, slim curves post-COVID, curvy home design is a hot topic. 

Outside, people are opting for arched doors and windows and even arched ceilings and openings for porches. Inside, you can expect to see more curvy walls, arched dividers and openings, and barrel-vault ceilings. Even small edges and detailing on countertops and kitchen islands now flaunt a bit of curviness for a unique, softer look. 

Take note that this trend also extends to furniture. Rounded furniture is making a comeback, but with a modern twist. Furniture curves now extend beyond the C-shape sofas to now include anything from reimagined contemporary chairs and soft-edge tables. Furnishings and furniture with curved edges create a softer, more feminine feel that complements angled pieces and gives off a romantic feel to any room. 

When done well on both home building and furnishing, curves counter the straight-line syndrome and can add a forgiving and soft character to a space or home. 

3. Smart Features And Amenities

We live in a world where technology continuously advances at an incredible speed. It has infiltrated our daily lives to provide us convenience. That same technology has extended to home building and made modern homes smart. 

Smart home features have piqued the interest of about two-thirds of people wanting to build a new home. According to a report, building a smart home ranked higher than outdoor amenities like swimming pools and parks. 

As technology continues to change the world and bring convenience to people, we expect to see higher demands for smart home amenities, from smart appliances and programmable thermostats to built-in charging stations for electric cars and smart garages.

4. More Focus On Outdoor Living

Outdoor living isn’t exactly a new trend. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to stay at home for over two years, aspiring homeowners have sparked an interest in creating an outdoor space that’s as livable as their indoor living room. 

As a result, more people are taking an interest in adding patios, porches, sunrooms, lanais, and other options to expand and create a functional outdoor space for lounging. In addition, you’ll also see water features, outdoor kitchen areas, dining options, and other unique amenities like retractable bug screens and drop-down TV screens to support luxury outdoor living. 

5. Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

As people build comfortable outdoor spaces for lounging, another trendy home building design is to bring the natural elements indoors. 

And it’s not just using earth-toned interior paint walls that copy the color and feel of nature. People literally want to bring nature inside their homes to increase the connection between a home’s interior and outdoor environment. 

To accommodate this demand, builders are now creating interior gardening. We’re not talking about simply bringing a few potted plants indoors. Architects are adding interior landscaping to homes. Although not a new trend, plantscaping is making a comeback as more people want to feel connected with nature while quarantined during the over two-year hiatus of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Take Away

And there you have it! These are just some of the current trends in the world of home building and designing. From new techs to re-emerging designs, we hope that the above list has provided you with some inspiration on what to adopt to modernize your new home project.

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