Boom in Eco-Friendly Home Building Driving in Aluminium Windows & Doors



A booming demand for environmentally or “green” construction materials and techniques is driving the North America windows and doors market to new heights. According to a report by Graphical Research, the market is expected to worth $39 billion by the end of 2026, rising at a growth of 4.5% towards 2027.

Aluminum finding increasing purchase in North America

While there is a corresponding demand for building materials such as wood, steel, and uPVC for door and window framing, it is noticeable that technologically advanced and environmentally friendly material aluminium is adding significantly to the growth.

Because aluminum is a light-weight metal and highly weather resistant, windows and doors in the material may last up to 30 years, as opposed to frames made with steel, wood, or copper, which decay more easily. Leading European suppliers such as Aluprof ( are contributing valuably to market growth and green construction.

Aluminum framing is finding increasing purchase in North America where the commercial doors and windows segment of the market commands almost 30%—and growing—of the worldwide share. The metal has seen a substantial increase in demand between 2016 and 2019, mostly given its superior aesthetic appeal, but also because the building industry and end-consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental advantages and making the switch.

The IT industry in North America, in particular, is steering glass doors and windows into its commercial buildings to upgrade the overall appeal and attractiveness and add shine to enterprize brand profile. Commercial building developers, for their part, are striving for more energy-efficient buildings that are additionally resistant to harsh climatic extremes such as heat and cold.

Industry growing consistently in China

The Graphical Research report finds that China is also experiencing a boom in the market and this is expected to contribute largely towards market growth globally. Construction activity is drumming up in the country, especially across the education, healthcare, and retail industries, as a rising population leads to a massive need for more advanced infrastructure. What’s more, rapid urbanization, commercialization, and an upward spiral of wealth and disposable income are amplifying the population’s demand for smart residential spaces.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) market for windows and doors market value is being pegged at a massive $92.1 billion by the end of 2027. Governments across the region are handing out grants to expedite construction of residential spaces, and home renovations are on the rise, buoyed by a wash of disposable income. These are just a further two of the trends expected to benefit the continued growth of the market for aluminium windows and doors in the region, and the world generally.


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