Automated Thermostats Can Revolutionize Your Home And Cut Energy Costs


There is a brief period of time between the end of the cold weather and when the hot weather sets in. Just as you are getting a reprieve on your heating costs, you are hit with air conditioning bills. The best way to maintain your home year-round is to maximize the use of technology to decrease your household energy costs.

Never before have there been so many options for an energy-efficient home. It’s not just about homebuilding options like better insulation products, smarter materials, and innovative home building tools; new tech gadgets like automated thermostats are changing the way that you heat and cool your home. Being able to only use energy in your home when you need it is a really great way to cut back on energy and not only save money but also be more environmentally “green.”

High-tech automated thermostats don’t just offer setting and programming; they allow you to adjust temperatures when you are on the go and to use your mobile and smart devices to control things at home even when you aren’t there. Setting up different zones in your house, you can shut off airflow to those places when no one is using them and turn them on with just a touch of your device.

They cut back on energy usage

Automated thermostats are an excellent way to cut back on your family’s energy usage. Gone are the days when you had to set the house temperature by programming it on a specific cycle, or you had to turn it off when you left and then back on when you returned. That left everyone miserable while the house was adjusting, and the additional energy used to kick it into high-gear to either cool the house down or warm it up wasn’t doing your energy bills or appliances any favors.

It isn’t just about being able to control your thermostats

An Automated or wifi thermostat aren’t typically standalone. They come with a plethora of other awesome conveniences and upgrades. Integrated with things like a wireless doorbell or security cameras, making your house totally automated can be done with very little expense and without ever having to open up a wall, run a wire, or hire a professional.

New gadgets allow you to answer the door when you are out and let you see who is ringing the bell. That gives you the added security of knowing that you are both saving energy and that your home is safe and sound when you can’t be there. Security cameras up the ante by being able to monitor your home not just through sight but also sound, and some even have night vision and can twist on their axis to get a good view of the perimeter of your home.

It isn’t just about when you are away from home

Automated thermostats aren’t only great because they allow your home to be more energy- efficient, but another benefit is that you never have to get out of bed to adjust the temperature or to turn things off in the middle of the night. Since you are able to do everything remotely, once you are all tucked in at night, you can control your entire home from your smart device with the tap of a finger.

If you really want to go safe, energy-efficient and high tech, many new whole-house automation features have things like smoke detection, fire alarms and other types of security alerts to notify you when things aren’t right. Motion sensors and detectors are also available to catch things that might go bump in the night.

Many automated thermostats work with other automation gadgets in your home so that they correspond with each other to make a smart house. A smart house used to be something right out of a science fiction novel or reserved only for the rich and famous. Now any homeowner can automate their thermostat to reduce energy costs, tie it into a security system, and be able to control every aspect of their home from the comfort of their bed. The best part about automated thermostats and smart house gadgets is that they are affordable and completely do-it-yourself. No wires are needed; they work with smart technology that is truly miraculous.

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