7 Styles of Lighting To Complete Your Home



Lighting is such an integral part of the home although it can be easy to overlook its importance. With enough effort put into lighting details, however, it can completely transform a space for the better. 

Let’s look below at some key components of home lighting and how it can bring your space to life. 

Popular styles of lamps in the home

Lampshades. Lampshades are a major piece that can set the pace in a room. For example, neutral shades welcome a zen atmosphere, woven and cut-out lampshades play with light, and translucent shades bring an element of subtlety into your space. 

Pendant lamps. Pendants lamps welcome creativity and diversity in home design. Offering a spectrum from chandelier to cylindrical styles, pendant lamps work well in many rooms around the home. 

Floor lamps. Floor lamps are commonly found next to a sofa or reading chair. While commonly built tall and lean, you can find these in every dimension with compact, chunky looks being our current favourite. 

Arc lamps. While indeed a floor lamp, these lamps deserve a category all their own. Boasting a long, slender arm with a defined arc, these lamps fit well into corners yet are built to bring light into the centre of a room. 

Table lamps. From statement pieces to bedside tables, table lamps offer versatility and convenience. 

Wall lamps. As the name suggests, wall lamps are fixed onto a wall of your choice. While installing these may require some expertise, the options are endless and can be well suited in every room throughout the house. 

LED lamps. While traditionally known for having a particular look, these days LED lamps can be applied to more traditional lighting styles, offering a happy compromise for many spaces around the home. 

Whether decorative or functional, quality lighting can complete the final touches in your home décor.

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