7 Exceptional Ways to Introduce Autumn in Your Living Space




As the warm summer season comes to a close, it’s time to pack up the pool floaties and prepare for fall. But just because the temperatures are starting to drop doesn’t mean that your indoor and outdoor living spaces have to go to waste.


It doesn’t take much to make the transition from summer to fall in your home. Here are five simple ways to revamp your outdoor and indoor living spaces for the cooler season.


    1.    Make Room for Fun Outdoor Activities



There is still plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors before the first frost sets in. You can make your backyard more enjoyable for the fall by creating a space for outdoor fun and games.


For instance, you can set up backyard camping for your kids or add games the whole family can enjoy, such as darts, cornhole, or lawn bowling during fall cookouts.


You can also add a trampoline, which is a fun way to keep your whole family active and healthy. Jumping on a trampoline is great for your muscles, heart health, and can even help relieve stress. Trampolines come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes – which makes it easier to find one that fits your backyard. You can even relax comfortably on one and watch the falling leaves!


Refer to a trampoline buying guide for more information on your options and what safety features to look for.


    2.    Include Comfortable Seating



Comfortable outdoor seating will encourage you to spend more time outside, too. Think of how lovely it would be to curl up with your morning coffee and look at the changing leaves!


The best setup for an outdoor lounge area is to choose furniture with deep seating, so you can comfortably lounge with family and friends.


Make sure to take your patio space into account when purchasing and placing furniture. Pieces that are too large for the space will make it look crowded. If you have a smaller porch, consider getting individual chairs or loveseats rather than large sectionals. This will make it more comfortable for guests to spread out and relax.


When selecting cushions for your outdoor seating, try to make sure they match the aesthetic of your living space and that they are weather resistant. If your cushions are not specifically designed for outdoor use, they will grow mold and mildew over time due to humid air and rainfall.


    3.    Add a Fire Pit

There’s nothing like a nice bonfire on a crisp fall evening.


Adding a fire pit is a great way to enhance any outdoor living space, especially at night. Fire pits allow your family and guests to enjoy your backyard long past sundown by providing warmth and light. The ambiance of a fire makes your outdoor space perfect for lounging around, roasting marshmallows, or simply enjoying an outdoor dinner with friends and family. 


You can still add fire elements to your backyard even if you don’t have enough space for a fire pit. For instance, outdoor torches also add warmth, lighting, and appeal to a backyard. Plus, they are great for repelling pesky bugs from your outdoor living spaces.


If you decide to add a fire pit or outdoor torches to your home, be careful about where you place them. The general rule is that fire pits should be at least 10 feet away from the home – but some states and counties have specific regulations.


    4.    Use Nature for Interior and Exterior Décor


Pumpkins are almost synonymous with the fall, and they are certainly a popular and common décor item. But there are lots of ways to incorporate elements that represent the beauty of the season!


Gather the family for a nature hike and collect items like leaves, vines, seasonal berry branches, pinecones, and greenery to bring fall right into the comfort of your own home.


For instance, you can gather some brightly colored leaves connected to branches and form a beautiful seasonal wreath! You can also set up leaf bouquets to replace flowers in the vases around your home.


    5.    Build Your Dream Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor dining areas allow you to take advantage of the fall for as long as you can. Plus, outdoor dining allows you to host more guests at your home as you will have seating in and outside. This is perfect if you plan to host during any of the upcoming fall holidays. Just be sure to place some cozy blankets to keep you warm when the sun goes down!

If you have a large enough backyard area, you may also want to add a grill near your outdoor dining space. This will create a seamless outdoor dining experience that is perfect for entertaining.


    6.    Switch Out Flowers for Seasonal Plants

Sadly, it may be time to put away the bright florals of summer for some more hearty plants that can survive the cold. Thankfully, your garden or porch doesn’t need to be totally bare. Some plants are able to thrive in cooler temperatures and will add some beauty to your yard.


Some of the best fall plants to add to your garden include:


    ·    Goldenrod

    ·    Marigolds

    ·    Shrub rose

    ·    Black-eyed Susans

    ·    Pansies

    ·    Chrysanthemums

    ·    Russian Sage


    7.    Lay Down Cozy Textures

In order to create a cozier living space both inside and outside your home in the fall, you’ll want to add in warm textures. One easy trick is to simply put down rugs on any cold floor surfaces, like hardwood or tile floors. You can even lay down an outdoor rug on your patio to create a warmer vibe!


In Conclusion


You can prepare your home for the fall by implementing these outdoor and indoor design and décor ideas. By transforming your living spaces, your whole home will feel more inviting and enjoyable. You’re sure to be excited to show your home off to your friends this autumn!

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