6 Ways That You Can Improve Your Home’s Value and Boost Curb Appeal


You want to make sure your home is as valuable as possible. It is, after all, one of the biggest investments you will ever make. To ensure this happens, you need to invest your time and energy in keeping your home looking its best. Home values are dependent on where they are located, how big they are and what they have to offer – in terms of rooms, extras, etc. Even though the location can change the value of a home, there are lots of things you can do to help boost that value and elevate that street price – so what are they?

1.    New Paintwork Goes a Long Way

What does the interior and exterior paintwork look like? Do you have walls that are discolored? Are you finding that outdoor paintwork is flaking off? A new coat of paint that has been applied to clean indoor (and outdoor) walls can make a huge difference. New paintwork can lift how a house feels, and it can make homes look and feel newer. When you are looking at new paintwork, you need to think about what paint you will use. If you are painting outdoors, always use a long-lasting suitable paint. You don’t want to be painting year after year.

2.    Install Gates to Your Property

Gates to the entrance of your property can help elevate the value. They can help a property look and feel more exclusive. Gates that are fitted with automatic gate openers can also add a greater deal of convenience too, and this can help boost the value of a home too – especially family homes, or those in exclusive (privacy important) settings. When you are looking at adding gates, always get the work carried out by a professional team. Poorly hung gates can cheapen a home’s aesthetic and negatively impact the value.

3.    Upgrade Existing Windows and Doors

Older wooden and aluminum windows and doors can look cheap and nasty. They can cheapen how a home looks internally and externally too. Upgrading existing windows and doors with new energy-efficient systems will help boost value, and help a property maintain its value too. People that are looking at homes want them to be energy efficient. They want them to retain the heat in the winter and repel the heat in the summer.

4.    Improve the Overall Efficiency of Your Home

As efficiency is important to all homeowners and homebuyers, you must look at what you can do to further enhance efficiency. For example, can you look at adding roof insulation? Can you look at injecting cavity wall insulation? What about a more sustainable way of heating your home – is this a consideration you can take onboard? Homes that are more efficient are going to be more appealing and highly desired, and this is going to impact the value.

5.    Look at Adding an Extension or Addition

How big is your home at the moment? Are you utilizing the space or plot that you have? An extension or addition to your home can help boost its value, and its curb appeal. When you are looking at adding an extension, you need to think about spaces or rooms that will be useful. For example, an extra bedroom will add value, and so will a larger kitchen diner area. However, would another living room add as much value?

6.    Focusing on Backyards and Outdoor Areas

The first areas most people will see will be the outdoor spaces. Backyards and outdoor spaces need to be appealing and enticing. They need to have a purpose, and they need to be functional. Backyards and outdoor areas that are well-designed will help boost value and appeal.

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