6 Tips When Upgrading To Frameless Glass Shower Doors


If you’ve been keeping up with the interior design trends, you’ve probably seen numerous forums talking about frameless glass shower doors. As the name suggests, these are doors made of tempered glass. Unlike the typical glass shower doors, their design consists of a thick pane since there’s no frame to support the glass. While it’s not always the perfect addition in a bathroom, it became prevalent because it appeals to individuals who long for contemporary or modern-looking bathrooms.

As sleek and elegant as they may be, you’ll stumble upon numerous challenges when installing frameless glass shower doors. You might notice water leaking, glass cracking, and many other issues. On the bright side, you can always avoid these issues by stepping up your game, but that would also prove to be a challenge.

If you’re struggling with how to start, here are six tips to help you out.

  1. Make Sure You Take Measurements Accurately

Homeowners often assume that they can simply order a glass shower door and make do with what they receive, but that won’t work. Oftentimes, if you install a glass door without taking the exact measurements, the glass may break or crack, which can potentially lead to a tragic accident. For that reason, you must always take measurements, and you should be precise when doing so. 

To guarantee that the measurements are correct, use the proper tool and double-check it a couple of times. You should also remember to take the measurements of the angles and not just the length, height, or width. This is because some glass shower doors are standardized using angles.

If you feel like standard doors won’t work with your bathroom’s structure, you might have to resort to another option: custom glass showers. In such a case, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Pay Attention To The Specifications When Selecting A Custom Design

If you intend to go for the custom route, you’ll find that frameless glass shower doors are highly customizable. But even so, you don’t have the luxury to experiment. You have to make sure the door fits in your bathroom. You can do so by looking at the following specifications:

     ●     Type: You’ll always be given a chance to choose what kind of shower you intend to install in the bathroom. There are many choices for the type, fixed shower screen, steam shower, etc.


     ●     Layout: Each type of glass shower door would also have different variations. For instance, the showerhead might be located on the left or right side.


     ●     Measurements: This is where the measurements you took in the first tip would come in handy. You’ll often be asked to enter the measurements of the bathroom space. As mentioned, it’s essential to enter the exact measurements, which are typically in inches.


     ●     Glass Type: Since there are different kinds of glass, you must also choose the specific glass type you want to use for the door. It can be frosted glass, rain glass, etc. Since it typically doesn’t have anything to do with function, it’s best to match it with the bathroom’s decor.


     ●     Additional Components: If you plan on adding extra components, such as UChannels, clamps, towel bars, and the likes, you might have to include these in your order as well.


Of course, this would only apply if you plan on installing a custom frameless glass shower door. If you insist on installing standard glass shower doors, the following tips would be helpful.

  1. Frame The Walls With Studding Support

When installing a glass door, you must install the support first. Since you’re dealing with a frameless glass door, the only way to actually provide support to the glass is by framing the walls. You can do so by installing metal or wooden studs.

Moreover, ensure that this studding support is strong enough to withstand the weight of both the door and walls. In this case, double 2×4 would be the ideal choice, but you can also settle for single 2×4 if that’s what you prefer.

  1. Use A Masonry Drill When Installing In Tiles

When installing a glass shower door on a tile floor, you have to follow the same tips as you would normally, except there’s an extra requirement: a masonry drill. A masonry drill is a tool designed to drill into a tiling without causing any damage. Since you can’t skip the drilling part of installing the shower door, you must have a masonry drill at your disposal to avoid damaging tiles.

Take note that you can also use a masonry drill to prefabricated walls and marble floors for the same reason.

  1. Consider Installing A Shower Door Sweep

One of the main issues with frameless glass shower doors is that they tend to let water through, resulting in water leaks. Of course, one can say that even traditional shower doors have this issue, but it’s more likely to happen in this scenario due to the lack of framing. The good news is you can substantially decrease this possibility by installing a shower door sweep.

A shower door sweep is a polycarbonate and vinyl strip that sticks to the edges of the door, preventing water from dripping or leaking out the shower. The best part is that since shower door sweeps typically snap on contact, there’s no need to apply adhesives or use tools in the installation process. 

  1. Conduct Regular Check-Ups

Another issue with frameless glass shower doors is that they’re susceptible to cracking due to the fragility of the glass component. While you can prevent this from happening by being careful, cracking or breaking may still occur due to extreme changes in humidity and temperature in the bathroom.

While it may seem to be unavoidable, you can actually prevent this from resulting in an accident by conducting regular check-ups. Check whether the glass is secured in place, if there are no chips or cracks, if the shower doors are still intact, and so on.


Frameless glass shower doors are becoming more and more popular, and this trend is showing no signs of stopping. However, if you’ve been searching about this trend, you might’ve seen critics arguing that it’s not practical and such. While it’s true that its durability isn’t very high, frameless glass shower doors are as excellent as traditional doors.

Furthermore, even if there are issues, you can always compromise by installing it as perfectly as possible, which should be possible with the tips mentioned above.

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