6 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Cleaner


6 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Cleaner

If you have read several articles on selecting a cleaning service, but are still confused and overwhelmed, then you have come to the right place. A vital point in the selection process is the price factor. However, choosing a cleaning company in London, and especially domestic cleaners in Bromley, that is trustworthy and competent along with a reasonable price offer is crucial.

We have collected 6 best tips to help you choose the best cleaner for your house, based on diligent industry research and input from customers:

     1.     Insurance Check

We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. Always check if the company has been correctly insured. No one would want to pay for another’s error. To avoid this, check the company’s official insurance proof and research their history for any related accidents.

Carefully inspect the documents for the insurance and clear out any misunderstandings with the cleaning company.

     2.     Narrow Your Scope

Take a pen and paper, note down the areas that really need to be cleaned, and finally prioritise them according to their urgency. This is an important point to be considered because different cleaning companies offer varying services; for instance, some will wash the laundry while others will do the dishes.

To avoid confusion, ensure that your domestic cleaning needs and the selected company’s services are on the same page. Avoid any assumptions on your part because no one would want to do any cleaning task if not specified in the agreement.

     3.     Timely Appointments

Opt for regular cleaning appointments for your house.

This will significantly reduce the financial burden on your budget by lessening the cost and cleaning intensity per visit. Since you will have to consider the costs incurred, also take a thorough note of the required cleaning frequency – decide if your house needs cleaning seasonally- in autumn and winter, every month, every two weeks, or every week.

Every house is different, and so the respective cleaning requirements vary as well. Focus on your house requirements and decide – will you be able to afford a weekly appointment in place of a monthly appointment? If yes, then it is recommended to go for a weekly cleaning appointment because the more the frequency, the lesser the cost incurred per visit.

     4.     Feedback Research

An informed individual is a smart individual.

Before approaching, do your research on the shortlisted cleaning companies. Source this research from your family, friends, neighbours, and Google reviews. Not only will this familiarise you with your options, but it will also build confidence and trust in your potential business relationships.

Another positive experience you may have is receiving a referral credit – given via recommendations. If you are new to the area, you may always look up the company’s customer reviews on the Internet – Google, Yelp, feedback sites, and official company websites.

     5.     Fixed Prices

End prices matter.

Imagine this scenario – you just got your first domestic cleaning done by a company that offered a price 50% lesser than its competitors. Everything seems great till you are handed the bill that states a 100% fee. Wondering how this happens? There may be several reasons.

Firstly, the cleaning company may have hidden costs that have been included at the billing stage. Any company offering a discount should be researched correctly, and the agreements should be double-checked.

Secondly, the company may have underestimated the cleaning task, consequently resulting in them charging you double the total amount you expected.

Another reason to go for fixed price offers is the uncertainty factor in the skills and efficiencies of the cleaning staff because, at the end of the day, the quality of the completed job is one of the main deciding factors for future appointments. Though almost all companies promise the best cleaning services, some do not efficiently deliver.

A fixed price is better in many ways, ensuring your peace of mind and minimising unpredictability. Once the job is done, do a walk-through, double-check your utensils and belongings, make sure they are properly organised. Check for any spots that may have been missed out.

     6.     Clear Communication

Different companies have their respective plus and minus points. It is essential on your part as a customer to ensure the selected cleaning company offers clear communication and customer support services. With the advent of technology, companies have upgraded their customer support to live chats, ensuring quick problem-solving processes. In fact, 41% of customers prefer companies that offer live chat.

Make sure you are receiving a fair result for your payments. For instance, in an hourly cleaning job, the company states a particular amount per hour. You decide it to be fair enough fees and confirm the contract. The cleaners arrive and inform you that the hourly fees stated in the contract are actually per cleaner.

So now you will have to pay the hourly decided fees multiplied by the number of cleaners the company sent. Beware of such traps.

Selecting the best possible cleaning service isn’t rocket science, but it should not be done in haste as well. Research, ask questions, enquire for solid proofs, and then choose your cleaning service.

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